Andrew Bagg aka DJ COBRA

Now I'm not usually the biggest fan of mixtapes and dancing and such but DJ Cobra caught my attention with his latest release Illionaire. From track 1 to 45 this album is packed with all the songs you want to hear when you're my age and pre-drinking for a night on the town with a few friends. It's actually one that I'd want to continue hearing throughout the night if I were the type of person to enter a club.
With his hilarious intro followed by a superb mix of great song choices including mostly rap with hidden gems of 90's awesome throughout he definitely gives Girl Talk a run for his money and had all my radio loving friends shitting their pants over it as soon as I hit play.
Front to back this mixtape of greatness scores a-straight-man's-dick-at-the-site-of-Katy-Perry-naked on the Bonometer.

I'm Sarah. and I think Katy Perry is SO hot.