buddy black is the new tequila gold which i am forcing myself to drink right now... but i'm not forcing myself to listen to the album, that's not why he's the new... whatever. what i mean to say is he gives me the same kind of feeling i get when i'm drunk on tg (i'm really lazy right now just warning you). a kind of edgy, subtly abrasive, slurring kind of self reflective drunk. one you get whilst drinking alone. i kind of love it.
totally aware that all i'm doing here is taking what i'm doing at the moment and saying that's what it makes me feel like... DUH.... but it does kind of work i think.
i'll make it work.
with pictures!

now look at the sexy lady and forget about what just happened.
his voice, although sometimes questionable, has this fascinating sound to it that varies throughout each verse. it makes me want to kick and scream and sob all at the same time. and the music itself makes me want to dance, "HALLELUJAH MOTHERFUCKER!" like this frantically sped up country do-si-do crap that i had to learn in like grade 3-6 because i grew up in grafton.
i'm not going to lie, i did not expect it to be THIS good.
it really toys with your emotions, by the end pretty much ripping your heart out with "you can let me down" which has my heart by the balls right now.
on a scale of flaccid to boner buddy black will happily gargle your ballz. winner!
(for those who don't get it, that's a damn compliment.)

I'm Sarah. dlkafsdfasdg