The Delinquint's VIDEO RELEASE SHOW at Lee's Palace!

Okay, so it's a long weekend and this is my last piece of work I have to get done before I am FREE of everything for the next few days.... that said I'm totally going to slack on this, so I apologize, but I'm in a horrible mood and just want to get out of my house to start drinking like, now.

Last night was The Delinquint's video release party at Lee's Palace in Toronto, and it was pretty fucking epic from what I remember.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't drink tequila when you want to recall your night the next day.

Luckily I took notes. And here they are...

-I like the video, it's simple and Brit like and entertaining
-Loved their performance after the video...the bassist especially!!!
-Kick ass live band
-Crowd SUPER into it
-Can't hear lead guitar which sets apart fair observation
-Songs like drink drank punk meets misfits!!!!! Love both. Just not super original.
-A girl with real nice tits hit the stage holllaaaa
-Song with tortilla flats dude the best ever, loved it, but don't get the whole he's awesome cause he works on queen street thing in his t.flats shirt on stage
-Misfits meets anti-flag meets pennywise
-Johnny cash cover... love love love

wow I'm pretty bad at this eh.

Here's the video:

Sarah OUT.