I’m a pretty happy person.
Most of the time…
This trait is often reflected in the music that I tend to like… all happy, upbeat, or at least so hard it makes me happy (heh heh heh that’s what she said).
That said, it’s no surprise that I don’t really ‘do’ the whole doom rock/noise scene.
Frankly I just don’t get it.
This band Godstopper from Toronto asked me to review their Empty Crawlspace EP which falls under said doom rock industrial metal noise whatever music.
If you can call that music.
I’d rather call it a headache.

I’m trying really hard to like it, or at least understand it, but the entire time listening I just keep thinking to myself ‘what is the fucking point of this’.
They aren’t really showcasing any evidence of talent through their instruments.
The vocals are just creepy.
And I just don’t see what the fuss is about/why people listen, or better yet why people want to make this crap… Err… noise.
How do bands like this happen? ‘Hey bud, I have a lot of angst I need to get out, you want to pick up some instruments and just mash the same low notes together over and over while I sing/cry/growl my turmoil little heart out off key and out of tune?’
Who says yes to that!!!!!?
I always picture the people in these bands to be the self-loathing, Hot Topic-loving, black-spikes-wearing lame-o’s who don’t get enough sun and would rather cry to their internet forums instead of get out of the house and smile with friends once in a while.
Sorry guys, I just can’t dig it.
But if that shoe fits you, listen to Godstopper HERE.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.