Dustin Edge - Calm

The title of the EP pretty much explains it all, what more can I do but thesaurus the shit out of Calm for more ways to describe this album!?
Main Entry: calm
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: peaceful, quiet (inanimate)
Synonyms: at a standstill, at peace, bland, breathless, breezeless, bucolic, cool, halcyon, harmonious, hushed, in order, inactive, low-key, mild, motionless, pacific, pastoral, placid, quiescent, reposeful, reposing, restful, rural, serene, slow, smooth, soothing, still, stormless, tranquil, undisturbed, unruffled, waveless, windless
Just kidding!
I listened to some of Dustin Edge's older stuff before throwing on Calm and I can tell already that this latest EP is for sure my favourite.
His voice has really developed through his discography and I feel it's at its highest point thus far with this release.
I probably shouldn't be listening to it at work because it's making me feel sleepy and I was already sleepy to begin with. Luckily it's not a boring sleepy, it's a soothing, thumb in my mouth, snuggly kind of sleepy full of enjoyment.
The album is slightly folky but more mellow pop rock, something that would fit right in on an easy listening station as well as a top 40 one.
The 3rd track is a cute instrumental followed by a short folkier song next that is as far as Dustin gets from the 'calm' description in this album. Me likey a lot-y.
I feel pretty fulfilled after listening to it. I give it a thumbs way up... and possibly in my mouth, but definitely NOT in my butt.

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