The High Kings of Irish Awesomeness!

I can't for the life of me find out who sent me this album to review it.
It's this Irish ballad group called The High Kings and their album Memory Lane.
Being part Irish, I think it's awesome.
I'm sure I would even if I wasn't partly Irish.
I'm no racist.
The song that really caught my attention was "On The One Road", talk about FUN!
I don't even much mind the slower ballads, they're pretty and different from what I would usually hear, therefore refreshing.
Their voices are astounding, and I feel like getting to know the songs - each and every word - and throwing an Irish party simply because I have the music for it now and I'll be able to sing along and party Irish style. and no I don't care that nobody else will because I'll be WASTED!
... ^^ that scene would be really funny during the many slow jams.

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