NOT A Song Of The Day Post!

Looks as if this page has been taken over by S of the D entries instead of actual reviews.
Holy Slacker Sarahman.
I'm super anal for the way things look appearance-wise on here, AND I finally have good headphones back at work that aren't ear buds so I can appreciate my music again instead of it frustrating me.
That said I am just going to yammer on about whatever I'm listening to today.
I started off my day with some Foals action since I noticed that they are coming to Toronto soon (YES) and moved on to check out their support act Freelance Whales.
And by golly I love them.
An air-i-er (?) kind of Postal Service style pop with great beats and cute vocals and just all around heartwarming progressions.
I can't stop listening to them now.
Hallelujah for good headphones.
On a scale of flaccid to boner I'd give them full blown morning wood.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.