I'm probably pretty far behind picking up on this band since it was on Rock Band and the video I'm watching right now is from 2009, but that's fine.

I'm not sure yet if I love them, or if I'll forget about them by the weekend, but playing the track "Time We Had" on drums was a crap load of fun last night and I just had to hear more from the band.
Who are The Mother Hips by the way.

Maybe it was the 40 of beer.
Maybe it was the high of rocking on easy and kicking ass.
Maybe it was because I wasn't playing the GEEturr for once (it was broken, otherwise I never would have strayed) and I discovered that I'm more talented than I thought.

Whatever it was, the band/song stuck with me all through the night and until 10am today when I decided to listen to them again.

And found this:

Fuck yes.

Rock me Amadeus.

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