Tiny Tide TImes Two!!

So I'm kind of obsessed with this new Tiny Tide project - Febrero.
It's quite addicting.
There's a ton of harmonica... and I'm just that easy.
Like the first album I reviewed this one is filled with some super random shite, sounding pretty much like every band of the late 60's early 70's rolled together yet somehow managing to sound completely smooth together, not ill fitting like the gloves your grandma used to knit you.
It's kind of like you're getting TIme Warped, but not with the cast of Rocky Horror, but instead with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

It's pretty kooky!
I swear in the title track "Febrero" you can hear a phone dialing in the background... and I'm assuming they're calling Ghostbusters because this shit is haunted by the past. When the piano comes in it adds a more contemporary feel to it as if they're auditioning for the Donnie Darko soundtrack with Echo & The Bunnymen.
As an added bonus each of their track titles are hilarious, "Kitty Jesus" being my favourite in both song and name, followed by "Ginger Genie", "A Song For EMI" and "BeachVolley Fields Forever".
I tried to find a good version of "Kitty Jesus" online to link to you because that song fucking kicks major A S S, but I failed so I'll just give you this instead:

***EDIT: They were nice enough to send me a link to this song, FUCK YEAH, so here you go!***
Kitty Jesus by tinytide
Each song is so intricate that I keep getting completely lost in them, but my attention never wavers from the music in the slightest.
I have a feeling this Febrero as a hole will be on for the rest of the night as I crack my next bottle of wine and get back to the real task at hand: getting whore drunk because it feels like Friday and I keep thinking I can sleep in tomorrow but it's really only Thursday so I actually have to work but I'm still getting hammered because it feels like Friday. Quite the task eh bud.

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