Why don't we turn it up, and the radio can sing us home...

This is one dude can do no wrong in my ears.
He is one of my favourite men alive when it comes to music these days, and he's just stepped out of his Loved One's comfort zone to release a solo album called Resolutions. It's quite similar to his full band stuff, I mean you can tell he is who he is by listening, but it's a little bit lighter with piano threaded throughout... not to mention done with an acoustic guitar and slightly folkier perhaps?
Despite these slight differences he continues to rule my heart through his vocals and lyrics in particular, which is what super-glues me to every Loved One's song I hear.
His voice makes every line sound heartfelt, like he's experiencing each emotion every time he belts out the words, and the lyrics are enough to make me extremely jealous of his writing talent... each slew of words is above and beyond anything I could ever come up with and that both pisses me off and forces me to bow down before him, praising him from my knees.
Resolutions feels as if he's using my heart to strum his acoustic and singing into the pit of my stomach instead of a mic.
With each song I feel like I've died in the arms of his music and completely at peace with my life's end.
Front to back it's a throbbing hard on worthy of the hottest women alive, be it Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Alba, etc... it's even worthy of an orgy with every last one of them.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.