DING DONG!!!! It’s The Filthy Radicals – Please Stand By

Uhhhhhhh this album that I just sat down to review from The Filthy Radicals titled Please Stand By is already well deserving of a 'WOWEE'...
So... WOWEE!!!
Here I was expecting a more ska-oriented sound but a surprising Kid Dynamite-esque hardcore older punk rock noise invaded my ears instead... and I freakin' love it. I want it. All over me. In me.
I want to be in it too.
The word that comes to mind to further describe how great this album is would be: BONERFYING.
Get it, electrifying and BONER all rolled into one!!! HA HA HA!
They sound as if Link 80 and Leftover Crack fucked and created a Rancid lust child.
And I don't mean rancid as in rank or rotten.
This is the type of band I get really excited over.
The album is fast, hard and full of sweaty intensity the entire way through (just the way I like it MmmMmMmmmMmm !) without a single bad song fucking shit up for the other good ones.
I'd suck the dick of this ska-punk-rock sound any day of the week, twice.

Check them out here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Junos Junos Junos!

Yes I watched the Juno awards.
So what, I love Neil Young.

I made notes, and planned on fully writing something but now I'm baked and lazy so I'm just going to post them as is.
Sorry for the caps, I work in them. :P
Wow, Drake can actually sing.

DWW … pick one song ?





Hedley… blarg… realized that had I been 10 years younger I would love the music of this song… until the chorus hits and I throw up in my mouth every time… the rest of it is great build up though and pretty… I just can’t stand to see jake’s face it grosses me out








So sick of arcade fire, but happy for them, just terribly sick of them

Got so so so happy for neil young… awwwwwwwww yay!!!!! RESPECT !!!



The End.

thank GOD for Departures

AHhhhhhhHhh... the sweet melodic pop punk sound of Departures is more than just literally but also figuratively music to my ears after listening to the band I just reviewed below (Fallstar, a God loving hardcore band).
Although the drums on their 5 song EP Without Fear are giving me flashbacks to the hardcore drumming I just heard.. only this time it's totally turning me on to hear it with this style and no throbbing dicks trying to 'clear house'.
I'm into it.
Their vocals remind me of some sort of a combination between A New Found Glory and Millencolin I think, only I'm not sure and feel there's another strong similarity to a singer I love(d) and it urks me that I can't figure it out.
Anyway they remind me of some other band I know I enjoy(ed) and in turn I like them even more. They also manage to stand out based on the vocals and drums so it works for them in both ways.

A+ boyz.

Check them out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Fallstar: A Review for the Godz!

Fallstar is a hardcore band from Portland, OR...
For some reason I am having one helluva time intro'ing this review so I'm just going to dive right into it instead:

I like the creepy sinister not-super-low growling, it sounds really evil and uncomfortable it's amazing.
I like the dudes singing voice.
I'm not HUGE into the growling.
I'm not HUGE into the 'do do do' like breakdowns... or should I say throwdowns. Yuck!

Either I'm starting to gain a conscience (yeah right) or I don't think they're absolutely terrible... for instance instead of saying something like I find them repetitive I'll call them consistent instead... I just honestly can't see myself listening to them again.. for me this type of hardcore music had a lot more appeal when I was in high school and now I just feel too old for it. Give me hardcore, give me punk rock, but please please hold the floor punching crap.

That said, the preachy god loving lyrics alone are enough for me to delete the album from my computer and memory as soon as I finish this review regardless.

Sorry guys.. Alanis Morissette is the ONLY god I care to hear about.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Tin Horn Prayer = Happy Sarah

Sarah being me.

I should apologize in advance for the probable shortness of this review, it's my second attempt at it and I accidentally erased all my notes from the first, as well as fucked up on the picture I spent way too long drawing to accompany this post.
And my heart hurts.
Literally, and definitely not emo'ly.
Like the title says, Sarah's happy! Aside from the phsyical heart pain.
Tin Horn Prayer are responsible for a lot of that current happiness.
Great fucking band.
Total 'drink til ya brawl' and 'drink till ya ball' music.
It's like down n dirty, rock n roll bluegrass with a punk rock sophistication.
With harmonica.
Did you just mess your pants, because I did. Again.
This horrible picture was supposed to portray what I pictured based on their sound, but I fucked up and got too lazy to fix + finish it.
Not that it really helps to get my point across, unless you're as silly as I am...LAWL!

You should probably just check the band out yourself.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Mixtapes, Cousin It, and Cheese Vomit.

Am I just super vain or is every song off A Short Collection of Short Songs by Mixtapes about me?
Since I’ve never met the band I’d like to think it’s neither…*cough*
In fact, I bet I’m not the only one who feels like every verse was written for her… or him….or Cousin It.

Mixtapes have a knack for writing realistic, every day songs perfect for that soundtrack in your head no matter what mood you are in. Their music is open and honest, presented to you in a way that feels like a conversation with a really good friend, holding nothing back.
The female vs male vocals make each song feel even more relatable for both sexes, while at the same time making me cream my pants a little bit picturing myself in a three-way with both singers.
It’s cutesy pop punk at its finest, only without that layer of vomit-inducing cheese melting over every word like many other pop punk lyrics.
Thank goodness because cheese vomit is the absolute WORST, right Harrison?

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Better Than Bright Eyes.

Run, Forever.. is exactly what Conor Oberst should do after hearing their album The Devil, And Death, And Me.
The vocal similarities between the two is obvious immediately, and the more you listen the more you start to realize that this could easily have been the follow up to Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake It's Morning.
Almost every song on the Run, Forever album reminds me of my favourite BE track "Another Travelin' Song", yet despite such a strong similarity it's not hard to appreciate RF as their own entity and sound.
That might have something to do with the incredible prominent drums through each track, or the beautiful guitar work in "When It Won't Leave" that surpasses anything I remember hearing come out of a Bright Eyes release.
It also has a lot to do with the fact that, though still shaky as fuck, Run, Forever's vocals are actually a lot stronger than Conor can handle, yet the lyrics are fit enough to have been penned by the Con himself -- only after a really good date instead of a really shitty breakup.
Their traveling-esque indie folk punk manages to give me shivers with every 30 second increment and I am absolutely infatuated with their stand-out drummer.
So why should Conor run?
Aside from all the reasons above...
Because Run, Forever manage to take his signature sound and do it better by subtracting the crybaby 'woe-is-me' era in exchange for a more Americana-folk feel with just enough punk rock'ness and a few singalongs thrown in for good measure.
I still love Bright Eyes, but I love that Run, Forever does Bright Eyes even better than Bright Eyes does, even without TRYING to do Bright Eyes (because that probably wasn't their intention).
Bright Eyes completely aside, this band is fucking wicked.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

writing on the whim is fun! Subject: Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain II

First of all WHAAAA... a hip hop breakdown?? In the first song? I don't get what's going on here, is this Jesse McCartney?

It's unusual, and 'fresh' for this complicated hardcore, I'll give them that...
But colour me turned off.
One song in!

It's not hooking me quite like the last album, but I do keep getting flashbacks of seeing them live and that's kind of making up for it. I think it's sounding a bit like Alexisonfire perhaps maybe at times? vocally? trying? I'm not an avid Alexisoinfire fan so I can't know for sure. (I could listen, but I'm lazy and really need to shower :s.)

Actually the further I get into the second song the more I forget about that rapping bullshit and I'm not quite sure if I'm fully turned off anymore.
It's a pretty powerful song, and I'm finding it hard to resist.

Just when I get back into the groove of things the album kind of plateaus, and despite many parts that I find myself loving, there are others that keep me mildly soft .. like this really bizarre part in "Blue Dream" which I could potentially love after the shock of it wears off?

And then they lose me again, when they layer some 'talk' style vocals over a part in "Priviously Poncheezied" which I just can't wrap any respect around.

I do like when the singer swears though.
Young girls will die for his voice.

I'm still torn.
I love the intensity of the cluster of instruments when they go crazy.
I don't love the boisterously emo parts nor the talk/rap.

I really need to go listen to their older stuff to figure out the difference. Hmm . I can't remember if it was Battle Mountain numero uno or their EP I fell for? Damn this terrible memory. Did they always have this rap bit going?

Maybe it's me who has changed?

I'm Sarah. Or am I..

dear Deep Dark Robot.. 8 Songs About A Girl is just not enough!

Why hello Linda Perry.
Please fuck me, please.
I can't get you out of my mind after listening to Deep Dark Robot's debut album 8 Songs About A Girl.
It's exactly that: 8 songs written over the course of 5 months about a girl who broke Linda's heart.
I might think that sounds like a lame idea if it weren't for Linda and Tony Tornay.
They couldn't be more badass about it, while still making you want to cry just in a totally tough sort of way.
I absolutely love it. And I bet that anybody who is going through a nasty breakup would absolutely love it X a million more.
I know there are tons of albums out there that tell stories of heartbreak (country!), but the way this one is done is so specific and intent on each stage of their turbulent relationship.. and done over innovative pop rock that feels like nails gripping your thighs as you sit and watch it all unfold in your own imagination.
There isn't really a happy ending to this story I don't think, but the album itself ends on a high note that makes ME happy so I hope that's some consolation.
Now I plan on listening to the first couple tracks over and over in all their screaming glory.
(Since I haven't done this in a while) On a scale of flaccid to boner: my dick is the Grinch and this album is the Whos singing and holding hands with no presents on Christmas morning... and my dick just grew 3 sizes then went sledding.

Check it for FREE HERE.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Baby Meat: Cute, Cuddly, Delicious!

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute...
When I think of The Color Morale I think of prissy poppy punk music with cutesy vocals...
But nooo.
I have it all wrong apparently.
They don't sound like babies... they sound like they will EAT babies.

Their new album My Devil in Your Eyes attacked the shit out of my speakers with some savage growling right off the bat, paired with a jolting post-hardcore sound before breaking into a more melodic and sung side of things, thus creating an epic album long battle over a bite of my ear drums.
Definitely far from prissy OR poppy.
They immediately took me back to From First To Last, who I admit I used to love in high school.
I haven't listened to a new band of this genre in a while, at least none that I have appreciated at all, and I am actually getting really into it.
What a pleasant Monday surprise!
As much as I hate being able to picture a bunch of assholes pretending to punch a floor when I listen to the breakdowns, I can't help but like the aggression each song generates in me right now and I find my head banging along...

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Nobody *snuggles* with Max Power, Marge. You strap yourself in and feel the Gs.

Wow. I just experienced THE best shuffle playlist ever created by my Iphone.
This never happens.
I didn't have to next a single song my entire way to work and it continued to pump up my mood despite subway riders being stupid to the max today.
(Anybody else get the urge to watch the 'Homer to the Max' episode of the Simpsons after reading that? "Kids: there's three ways to do things; the right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way!")

This is a Max Power Playlist.

Max Power. He's the man with name you want to touch, but you mustn't touch! He's name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn't fear, 'cause his name can be said by anyone.

CMW: Random band @ 751 (Friday)

Most sucked:
Whoever you were that played around midnight or shortly after at 751, you suck.
That is all.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Machine Gun Dolly @ Sneaky Dee's (Sunday)

Best show of CMW:
Despite the fact that I had a really shitty time ASIDE from the music at this particular show it WAS the best based solely on the music.
I mean, FINALLY a solid punk show at CMW.
It was worth dragging my ass out of bed on a Sunday night to Sneaky Dee's for 11pm after serious Saturday partying, going to bed at 4pm Sunday and waking up at 9pm. And having to get up for work the next morning at 8am.
No wonder I got sick on Monday, I was WIPED.
But again, it was worth it to see these guys.
Unfortunately I heard a few songs of the band right before them when I first got there and was outside, and they sounded FUCKING AMAZING and I wish I caught them... I think it was Skullians but I'm not positive.
I didn't stay for any bands after this because whatever but I'm still entirely happy I went.
It was tight, fast and loud and littered with crappy drinking jokes... everything I look for in a punk band.
Even better, I thought the new song they played sounded a lot like Rancid, 2000 era, and goddamn do I ever love Rancid.
Holy Jesus you should wish you were there.

Check them out..

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Winter Gloves @ Horseshoe (Friday)

Most disappointing:
Let me just preface this by saying I only got into Winter Gloves recently after their single "Dancing My Heart Out" grabbed my attention with all it's dancy emo pop glory.
I had no idea what to expect from them live, never watched any videos or perv'd their pictures..
But whatever expectations I had they didn't seem to meet.
Except for when they played "Dancing My Heart Out", which was everything I had hoped for.
All I really remember from their set were DEEP V's and man tits, which were clearly visible according to my notes.
I recently decided to start judging people ONLY by their necklines from now on, it's my new thang, so maybe I should apply this to bands too...
But then I probably wouldn't like half the bands I actually do like.
And I would have written this band off immediately..
Which, had I not been drunk enough to love anything dancy I would have had nothing but zingers for right meow.
Fortunately though I was hamm'd and still managed to enjoy myself on my own accord.. I think.. despite noting many times how boring they were.


I'm Sarah. IdowhutIwunt.

CMW: Pick A Piper @ Rancho Relaxo (Friday)

Most worthwhile performance:
Let me just say, one more time, FUCK CMW.
Fuck them for putting EVERY band that I actually REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see at the same time on Friday night.
I am actually still furious about that.
I missed Deer Tick who are one of the best bands I have ever seen EVER and Middle Brother who are new and awesome because they were playing at the Opera House which was just too out of the way if you planned on seeing more than one show.
I missed Dave Hause, who is one of my motherfucking favourite punk dudes, touring in support of his wicked new solo album.
He played with Grey Kingdom, who are fantastic and I was really looking forward to seeing but ALSO MISSED because there was no way the Dakota wasn't going to be sold out for that.
Same with The Sadies show that was inevitably crazy busy.
Luckily I got to Rancho Relaxo to see my friends band Pick A Pipe before it sold out... barely.
And you know what ... it was actually worth not seeing any of those above.
Despite the fact that I've seen them before, and besides the fact that I know 'em.
After their set ended I was not even remotely concerned about the bands I missed.
That's huge!
They rocked.
It blows me away that a band with minimal vocals (they actually sang noises almost as much as words which I really enjoyed...innovative babeh!) could keep me so enamored seeing that I'm a lyrical whore and all. But they did, and they made me want to boogie. As the unexpert said "they use the bass as a pulse"... like, just try not to dance to that shiz.
With their two drummers (with lots of help from everybody) and tromboner they totally stood out amongst the sea of boring indie bands CMW was littered with - the ones I was HAPPY to miss.
Literally my only quarrel of the night was the small stage because I couldn't see 2/5's of the band most of the time and I was standing right at the front. But I love Rancho so I'll let it slide.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Zeus @ Horseshoe (Thursday)

Most Godly on stage:
Boy was the Horseshoe ever packed for them.
Rightly so, obvy.
The last time I saw them at this venue I was astounded.
This time was no different.... even though I couldn't see whatsoever :(.
(Being short really sucks sometimes!)
No matter.
As soon as I heard that marvelous voice I dawned a perma-smile for the rest of their visually impaired set.
I may not have been able to see very well but the energy of the place told me the band was ROCKING THE FUCK OUT for the whole performance.
All I needed was to hear those clap-infused rockin' dance parties start and I was drunk enough to feel in my element even with my eyes closed, just listening...
And when they hit the first note of their Genesis cover I practically jizzed, pissed, and shat my pants all at the same time out of excitement.

(need those for these shows... heh it rhymes!)
With that they topped the previous time I saw them at Horseshoe... because, well, I fucking love that song + their version of it.
These guys deserve to have 'classic rock' status in a couple decades... and it is REALLY hard to say that about any bands of our time.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Sandman Viper Command @ Sneaky Dee's (Thursday)

Most rad to watch:
Rad like Jesus.

Or at least The Beatles.
They do have that hair, most of them, kinda sorta?
Anyhoo, Sandman Viper Command were the band I was the most intrigued with going into CMW and the most satisfied with seeing there.
They started off their set with the only song that I knew fairly well by them but I wasn't lost to the unfamiliar like I normally am at that point in my wasted/baked'ness.
This may be far fetched (what else is new) but if the Culkin brothers replaced Sam Roberts (thanks Paul!) and bro in his band (Sam Roberts) they would BE Sandman Viper Command.
Take it or leave it, but go see them for yourself before you judge me.
The way they rock out on stage and get down to serious business doing it just entirely stuck out in my mind all week, to the point where I need to see them again soon before I go mad daydreaming about their performance on repeat.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Imaginary Cities @ Lee's Palace (Thursday)

Most jaw dropping performance:
Okay, these 'most' statements are getting old already, lets see if I can keep 'er up.
Imaginary Cities were pretty damn worthy of a dropped jaw though. Those who have seen them will know that I'm referring to the vocals when I say that.

The pretty lady with the big voice blew me a-WAY.
And normally I'm not big on female fronted bands, although she was at times accompanied by one or two male harmonies which all blended together like the smoothest smoothie you've ever smoothed. She kind of sounded like Tegan and/or Sara sometimes, and I do enjoy them lots.
Their songs - indie'ish rock with tambourine, keyboards, and long hair? maybe? - were so well structured that even I picked up on it, and both built up and bowed down to the gorgeous vocal emphasis.
Not only all that good music-wise stuff, they also were completely comfortable and entertaining to watch performance-wise, with great chemistry amongst each other and enjoyable personas.
Subtly funny... as in the guitarist and the bassist at one point approached the very front of the stage and each struck a super rock star pose like they were hammering the fuck out of the instruments when really it was a pretty slow, uneventful part of the song... a part that definitely didn't call for such attention on them. IT MADE MY NIGHT!

Loved it. Loved them!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Miracle Fortress @ Lee's Palace (Thursday)

Worst band I saw all week/end:
They actually made me fumin' mad having to watch them.
It was that bad.
Even before the band started I had a sour taste in my mouth for them as they took way too long to set up for only 2 people, and managed to block half the stage from any photo-op's before STILL attempting to make a grandiose entrance.
How lame!
When they started to play I immediately fell into deep boredom before they even had a chance to announce their name.
The drummer was the only part worth paying attention to, and even he wasn't much for entertainment.
The other dude just bugged the crap out of me on stage and I couldn't even look at him unless I was cringing at the site of his arms waving around with a flashlight... uhh no gesturing please... keep your hands on your instruments, you're making me sick.
The red and blue strobe light business they had going on was irritating.
Even with the lights they literally were putting me to sleep with their poppy electro crap that I'm sure is meant to do the opposite.
All I have to say to sum them up is BARF!


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Wilderness of Manitoba @ Lee's Palace (Thursday)

Best live discovery:
Now this is the point of CMW, to discover amazing bands like The Wilderness of Manitoba - from right here in Toronto - who I never paid adequate attention to until I saw them on the festival schedule.
I am beyond thrilled that I ended up at their show on Thursday and will no doubt go see them again the next time they play.
Check and mate.
Their set which featured a banjo, a harmonica, cello, boobs, these golfball sized shaker thingys, noise ball majigers, tambourine, whistling, and beautiful harmonies was one of the most mesmerizing performances I have seen in ages.
Their 'chamber folk/alternative' sound (as described on their facebook) proved that you don't need a lot of bass in order to sound full, if any at all.. and banjo + guitar is a deliciously lethal combination. They managed to keep my attention whether they were rocking out or epically building up to where the drums hit, and even during the banter between songs by remaining cute and real in front of the fair sized audience.
Actually - and I mean this with no offense whatsoever - they reminded me of that SNL clip with Will Ferrell where he's the high school principal talking about pot... ??


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CMW: Ryan Warner @ Rancho Relaxo (Wednesday)

Most pleasantly surprising performance:
This is not to say that I wasn't expecting it to be good, but it's a dude I know from Cobourg playing more of that Tom Waits inspired sinister country blues so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.
What I found most pleasantly surprising about them though, enough to set them apart in the Festival despite playing the first night, was the trumpet and accordion addition to his normally stripped down sound, giving them a real Murder By Death flare to them, but one that's haunted by Gerry Rafferty. Colour me impressed! Long instrumentals with horns and lots of bass drum combined with my favourite kind of dark classic country vibe... uh yes please!
Despite some sound issues surrounding a super new song I found the pure Canadiana (get it, not Americana, but Canadiana for CMW... :| ) set to be worth the severe cold I caught trudging through the rainy snow to get to it, and as a fan not just as a hometown friend.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Hey CMW/CMF, get outta here!

I never thought I'd be so happy about a music festival ending.
But here I am both relieved and somewhat ecstatic about not having to deal with CMW anymore - aside from writing about the bands I saw individually, which will be happening throughout this week.
All in all the week was thoroughly disappointing.
I saw some great bands, yes, but none of them blew their performance out of the puddles of water you had to hop to get into each show, except for maybe my friends band... which probably makes me bias.
I already ranted about my craptastic Saturday experience, but Sunday ended up topping it despite it being the best show I saw MUSICALLY all week/end.
Unfortunately there was just something in the air last night that ended up ruining the whole experience for me.

I have NEVER felt so uncomfortable a) at a punk show or b) alone at a show in my life like I did last night at Sneaky Dee's. I have been to more similar straight up punk shows than any other genre since I can remember, and since starting this blog I have gotten so used to flying solo... but last night was not a normal night.
For whatever reason my ability to remain incognito proved impossible and I was harassed to the point where I left after only 1 and a half bands to get pizza and go home because I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.
Normally I wouldn't let a bunch of overbearing gross dudes bothering me and a couple girls death glares in my direction ruin my night, but I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was stand there invisible and do my job so I could go back to bed.
Instead I felt like I had a red arrow pointing at my head the whole time telling people to fuck with me.
Maybe it was the meat and alcohol on my breath.

Whatever it was I was so over it that I left before I even got to see the band I was there to see. It was probably for the best since it was late, I had to get up early for work, and I am now sick.
That said, all in all this year Canadian Music Week didn't even come CLOSE to being worth it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Suck my useless media pass'd ASS CMW.

You's a gold digging bitch.

Last night I attempted to hit up the Ty Segall show at Wrongbar under the impression that since I am DOING WORK covering these shows for a website that doesn't make ANY money that my media pass would get me in (as long as the venue wasn't sold out).
Well, it wasn't, but I still didn't get in.
I was told they were only honoring 10 media passes, and that I could BUY a ticket if I wanted to see the show.
What the fuck?
This wasn't the Janet Jackson concert, these bands play Toronto ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and the purpose of CMW is to give Canadian bands as much love and attention and publicity as possible, isn't it?
So why is it that only 10 publications were given a chance to see this show and talk about it.
That's pretty bullshit to me.
Sounds like somebody just wants to make some extra money by forcing those of us who are working our ass off and already spending countless dollars on getting around CMW into paying for a show that we could have seen at any other time for free. And if not for free - I'd be happy to pay a reasonable $5-$10 for this show, but the asking price was $20 because it was CMW - then at least during a time when I'm not broke from hitting up so many shows in order to offer up publicity for bands who deserve it, despite the fact that I don't get anything out of this except for some enjoyment... and usually entry into shows.
What good is a media pass then?
I traveled my ass down to a bar that isn't exactly on the way to any other shows only to wait in line to be told I can't go in unless I give them money. I'm sorry, but when I'm told I have access to any show I will not pay you just so you can have some fucking more money off of a stupid festival that invites American acts and turns away Canadian media.
Seriously, fuck CMW.
As if that wasn't bad enough, by the time we got out of there and headed to find another show it was late and guaranteed to be sold out everywhere.

Since CMW fucked me, I decided to fuck CMW.
I ended up having a really amazing night.
Two parties, new friends, soju, making boys cry on their birthday with my favourite partner in crime, and a cool new bar discovered in my area.

And I didn't have to wait in line.
I didn't have to deal with any of the douche bags that were out, except for maybe button up neck and deep V, but that was fun.
I didn't have to do any work for nothing.
And I will be able to see all those bands again, without all this shit trouble.

I almost feel bad for not covering anything last night. ALMOST. But I am way too pissed about what happened to even care.
I'm contemplating not going out to The Rebel Spell show tonight at Sneaky Dee's out of spite, but I actually like the band and want to see them.
If I don't get into this one though...... I will run CMW's balls over with a cement truck before cutting them off completely.

I'm Sarah. Fuck you CMW.


What a fucking wet start to Canadian Music Week or Festival or whatever they're calling it these days.
It would be awesome if it could NOT pour the one week that music fans are forced to hit up more than one venue in order to see all their favourite bands.
I don't actually mind rain whatsoever, I like it more than I dislike it to be honest, but just not this week. It has forced a lot more money out of my pocket for transportation than I have in my ideal CMW budget, and when I ran out of money I just wound up drenched and severely uncomfortable at the remaining shows. Not to mention BROKE. No beer + cold wet everything = no fun for anyone, except maybe Gene Kelly.

A night of 5 shows turned into a night of only 3.
Another night of 1 show turned into 1 band.
So yeah, fuck you RAIN! And fuck you for raining last year too which I just remembered now. Fuck you twice RAIN!
Luckily I've managed to still see some really great bands the last few days like The Wilderness of Manitoba, Imaginary Cities, Zeus, Sandman Viper Command, Pick a Piper and Ryan Warner.
I have only seen one band that I hated: MIRACLE FORTRESS (and I mean REALLY hated them), and one band who I walked away kind of disappointed with: Winter Gloves.
What really pisses me off though is that I am more upset over missing bands like Deer Tick/Middle Brother, The Sadies, Dave Hause and Protest the Hero because of scheduling/location/sold out than I am excited over the bands I did get to see.
There are just too many venues and not enough hours of the night.
I decided after having this problem last year that I would fuck all the bands I love love love but have already seen (see above, except Dave Hause :(:( ) and just go to shows of bands I've heard and liked but aren't as familiar with.
It's a good strategy if you can handle not seeing mother fucking Dave Hause and Deer Tick, which is almost making me cry just writing about.
Oh well, too late now.
What's weird is that because of this strategy I have actually seen only CANADIAN bands as opposed to those American ones who somehow crept into the festival ???
I thought this was to celebrate CANADIAN talent, and the more I think about it the more it pisses me off for this reason:
At least tonight's show at Wrongbar will make up for it slightly.
Check it:

Burying ’60s sing-alongs and dance crazes beneath waves of reverb and giddy thud, Ty Segall has carved out his own shelf in the neo-psych garage alongside SF compatriots and collaborators Sic Alps and Thee Oh Sees. As an exploration of the space between Cro-Magnon fuzz and atmospheric acoustic psych, Ty Segall continues to crank out the best new garage rock from San Francisco. Ty Segall is the lead singer of Epsilons, the drummer for Traditional fools, the drummer every once in a while for Party Fowl, and as of February 2009, an occasional guitarist/drummer for Sic Alps.





I can't wait.

Anyway, I'll be posting reviews and a few pictures of each band I've seen individually starting sometime tomorrow hopefully, so check back soon.

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Philly Moves like whoaa.

Ahhh so busy lately!
Neglectful towards this review column, I have been.
I've been meaning to write about this hip hop duo from Ottawa called Philly Moves who are playing in Toronto this Friday at the Global Backpackers Village (Canadian Music Week/Fest--HOLLA!).
Unfortunately I am absolutely dog crap at writing hip hop reviews.
And what do I do when I suck at things?
I make sucky pictures instead!!

Translation: Their album - 25 Years it's called - makes me picture driving through Canada with the sun beaming down on the car, windows wide open, music cranked, and a bunch of friends singing along.
In other words, I like it.
There's this road-trip-cross-Canada concept throughout the album which I think is pretty cool, especially when I hear places that I know or have seen come up. It really makes me want to rent a car and take off for a month to explore, all the while blaring me some Philly Moves.
The song "Heading Home" in particular over and over, because it's my favourite.
If you're into chill beats and happy times and Canada/patriotism you should check them out.


I'm Sarah. I sure don't talk good, but I sure don't write good either.

Billy Joel Lights My Fire!

I'm on a huge Billy Joel kick lately.
So... ENJOY.


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That would be the 120 & the Fighting 68's that I'm referring to here.
This band is a total throwback to the kind of punk rock I grew up on.
Old school, hardcore'ish - but not the 'hardcore' of now, the legit hardcore - basically if Dillinger Four and the Dead Kennedy's fucked back stage at a Stooges concert this would be their love child.
What I love most (aside from the multiple voices - all members share lead vocal responsibility which is my favourite) is that throughout their entire 13 song album no one person or one instrument stands out against the others because they are ALL representing some serious good shit, and able to compliment each other while showcasing what they themselves can do. I'm normally a sucker for bass which in this case is FANTASTIC, but not above the crazy awesome solo'ing guitar and the drums that constantly drive the beat to your ears hard and fast.
UNITY, as one stand together!
All hail the St. Thomas/London Ontario area!
All week long I've been perusing punknews.org listening to all the wicked bands with streams up right now and waiting for one to really speak or sing or whatever to me so I could have something to get really into this week, and this here album Anthems and Anarchy has blown all that punknews.org greatness right out of the dirty punk rock water.
Hands down my favourite album of the week... and when I say this I am indeed including the new Dave Hause and Chixdiggit! that I reviewed earlier on. As AMAZING as those both are, the 120 blah blah's represent everything that I was looking for in whatever music mood I am in these days.
From the band name to the album cover (which includes 2 punk anarchists high fiving in front of a Walmart!) to the song titles ("The Awesome Song", "One More Beer", "The Bitch is Crazy") to the old school punk rock sound.... I LOVE IT.
On a scale of flaccid to boner my dick is a hard leaky faucet full of jizz.
(IF I had a dick it would be, just so we're clear.)

I'm Sarah, I'm so awesome.. so goddamn awesome!


Man Overboard continue to speak to the inner girl of around 17 in me and convince her to start singing along somehow. I just heard their 7" The Absolute Worst and it's quite the little poppy punk teaser.
It's too short to really go on much longer so I hope they give me more to talk about soon.

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Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Vessels & Veins

Sometimes bands really bum me out on having to review them.
To the point where I just don't wanna anymore, only I've already finished listening to the album/EP and have notes and don't to waste all that energy for no gain, SO, I figure posting said notes are better than nothing.
Penguins Kill Polar Bears notes for Vessels & Veins are as follows:
- i picture them playing in the forest in the rain
- vocals my favourite part, is that emo of me?
- i got started on an email and totally forgot that I was listening to something for a reason, oops, does that say something?
- i don't know why exactly but i find the guitars kind of annoying...
- songs are 4+ minutes but feel much longer
- cool name!?
Well, that's all folks!

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damn damn damn damn.
Ever since my friend showed me their videos I haven't been able to stop watching them... now that I have their entire discography it's almost as if no other band/artist exists.
And I have sooo much work to do!