Baby Meat: Cute, Cuddly, Delicious!

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute...
When I think of The Color Morale I think of prissy poppy punk music with cutesy vocals...
But nooo.
I have it all wrong apparently.
They don't sound like babies... they sound like they will EAT babies.

Their new album My Devil in Your Eyes attacked the shit out of my speakers with some savage growling right off the bat, paired with a jolting post-hardcore sound before breaking into a more melodic and sung side of things, thus creating an epic album long battle over a bite of my ear drums.
Definitely far from prissy OR poppy.
They immediately took me back to From First To Last, who I admit I used to love in high school.
I haven't listened to a new band of this genre in a while, at least none that I have appreciated at all, and I am actually getting really into it.
What a pleasant Monday surprise!
As much as I hate being able to picture a bunch of assholes pretending to punch a floor when I listen to the breakdowns, I can't help but like the aggression each song generates in me right now and I find my head banging along...

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.