Better Than Bright Eyes.

Run, Forever.. is exactly what Conor Oberst should do after hearing their album The Devil, And Death, And Me.
The vocal similarities between the two is obvious immediately, and the more you listen the more you start to realize that this could easily have been the follow up to Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake It's Morning.
Almost every song on the Run, Forever album reminds me of my favourite BE track "Another Travelin' Song", yet despite such a strong similarity it's not hard to appreciate RF as their own entity and sound.
That might have something to do with the incredible prominent drums through each track, or the beautiful guitar work in "When It Won't Leave" that surpasses anything I remember hearing come out of a Bright Eyes release.
It also has a lot to do with the fact that, though still shaky as fuck, Run, Forever's vocals are actually a lot stronger than Conor can handle, yet the lyrics are fit enough to have been penned by the Con himself -- only after a really good date instead of a really shitty breakup.
Their traveling-esque indie folk punk manages to give me shivers with every 30 second increment and I am absolutely infatuated with their stand-out drummer.
So why should Conor run?
Aside from all the reasons above...
Because Run, Forever manage to take his signature sound and do it better by subtracting the crybaby 'woe-is-me' era in exchange for a more Americana-folk feel with just enough punk rock'ness and a few singalongs thrown in for good measure.
I still love Bright Eyes, but I love that Run, Forever does Bright Eyes even better than Bright Eyes does, even without TRYING to do Bright Eyes (because that probably wasn't their intention).
Bright Eyes completely aside, this band is fucking wicked.

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