CMW: Miracle Fortress @ Lee's Palace (Thursday)

Worst band I saw all week/end:
They actually made me fumin' mad having to watch them.
It was that bad.
Even before the band started I had a sour taste in my mouth for them as they took way too long to set up for only 2 people, and managed to block half the stage from any photo-op's before STILL attempting to make a grandiose entrance.
How lame!
When they started to play I immediately fell into deep boredom before they even had a chance to announce their name.
The drummer was the only part worth paying attention to, and even he wasn't much for entertainment.
The other dude just bugged the crap out of me on stage and I couldn't even look at him unless I was cringing at the site of his arms waving around with a flashlight... uhh no gesturing please... keep your hands on your instruments, you're making me sick.
The red and blue strobe light business they had going on was irritating.
Even with the lights they literally were putting me to sleep with their poppy electro crap that I'm sure is meant to do the opposite.
All I have to say to sum them up is BARF!

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