CMW: Pick A Piper @ Rancho Relaxo (Friday)

Most worthwhile performance:
Let me just say, one more time, FUCK CMW.
Fuck them for putting EVERY band that I actually REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see at the same time on Friday night.
I am actually still furious about that.
I missed Deer Tick who are one of the best bands I have ever seen EVER and Middle Brother who are new and awesome because they were playing at the Opera House which was just too out of the way if you planned on seeing more than one show.
I missed Dave Hause, who is one of my motherfucking favourite punk dudes, touring in support of his wicked new solo album.
He played with Grey Kingdom, who are fantastic and I was really looking forward to seeing but ALSO MISSED because there was no way the Dakota wasn't going to be sold out for that.
Same with The Sadies show that was inevitably crazy busy.
Luckily I got to Rancho Relaxo to see my friends band Pick A Pipe before it sold out... barely.
And you know what ... it was actually worth not seeing any of those above.
Despite the fact that I've seen them before, and besides the fact that I know 'em.
After their set ended I was not even remotely concerned about the bands I missed.
That's huge!
They rocked.
It blows me away that a band with minimal vocals (they actually sang noises almost as much as words which I really enjoyed...innovative babeh!) could keep me so enamored seeing that I'm a lyrical whore and all. But they did, and they made me want to boogie. As the unexpert said "they use the bass as a pulse"... like, just try not to dance to that shiz.
With their two drummers (with lots of help from everybody) and tromboner they totally stood out amongst the sea of boring indie bands CMW was littered with - the ones I was HAPPY to miss.
Literally my only quarrel of the night was the small stage because I couldn't see 2/5's of the band most of the time and I was standing right at the front. But I love Rancho so I'll let it slide.

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