CMW: Sandman Viper Command @ Sneaky Dee's (Thursday)

Most rad to watch:
Rad like Jesus.

Or at least The Beatles.
They do have that hair, most of them, kinda sorta?
Anyhoo, Sandman Viper Command were the band I was the most intrigued with going into CMW and the most satisfied with seeing there.
They started off their set with the only song that I knew fairly well by them but I wasn't lost to the unfamiliar like I normally am at that point in my wasted/baked'ness.
This may be far fetched (what else is new) but if the Culkin brothers replaced Sam Roberts (thanks Paul!) and bro in his band (Sam Roberts) they would BE Sandman Viper Command.
Take it or leave it, but go see them for yourself before you judge me.
The way they rock out on stage and get down to serious business doing it just entirely stuck out in my mind all week, to the point where I need to see them again soon before I go mad daydreaming about their performance on repeat.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.