CMW: Wilderness of Manitoba @ Lee's Palace (Thursday)

Best live discovery:
Now this is the point of CMW, to discover amazing bands like The Wilderness of Manitoba - from right here in Toronto - who I never paid adequate attention to until I saw them on the festival schedule.
I am beyond thrilled that I ended up at their show on Thursday and will no doubt go see them again the next time they play.
Check and mate.
Their set which featured a banjo, a harmonica, cello, boobs, these golfball sized shaker thingys, noise ball majigers, tambourine, whistling, and beautiful harmonies was one of the most mesmerizing performances I have seen in ages.
Their 'chamber folk/alternative' sound (as described on their facebook) proved that you don't need a lot of bass in order to sound full, if any at all.. and banjo + guitar is a deliciously lethal combination. They managed to keep my attention whether they were rocking out or epically building up to where the drums hit, and even during the banter between songs by remaining cute and real in front of the fair sized audience.
Actually - and I mean this with no offense whatsoever - they reminded me of that SNL clip with Will Ferrell where he's the high school principal talking about pot... ??

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