CMW: Winter Gloves @ Horseshoe (Friday)

Most disappointing:
Let me just preface this by saying I only got into Winter Gloves recently after their single "Dancing My Heart Out" grabbed my attention with all it's dancy emo pop glory.
I had no idea what to expect from them live, never watched any videos or perv'd their pictures..
But whatever expectations I had they didn't seem to meet.
Except for when they played "Dancing My Heart Out", which was everything I had hoped for.
All I really remember from their set were DEEP V's and man tits, which were clearly visible according to my notes.
I recently decided to start judging people ONLY by their necklines from now on, it's my new thang, so maybe I should apply this to bands too...
But then I probably wouldn't like half the bands I actually do like.
And I would have written this band off immediately..
Which, had I not been drunk enough to love anything dancy I would have had nothing but zingers for right meow.
Fortunately though I was hamm'd and still managed to enjoy myself on my own accord.. I think.. despite noting many times how boring they were.

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