CMW: Zeus @ Horseshoe (Thursday)

Most Godly on stage:
Boy was the Horseshoe ever packed for them.
Rightly so, obvy.
The last time I saw them at this venue I was astounded.
This time was no different.... even though I couldn't see whatsoever :(.
(Being short really sucks sometimes!)
No matter.
As soon as I heard that marvelous voice I dawned a perma-smile for the rest of their visually impaired set.
I may not have been able to see very well but the energy of the place told me the band was ROCKING THE FUCK OUT for the whole performance.
All I needed was to hear those clap-infused rockin' dance parties start and I was drunk enough to feel in my element even with my eyes closed, just listening...
And when they hit the first note of their Genesis cover I practically jizzed, pissed, and shat my pants all at the same time out of excitement.

(need those for these shows... heh it rhymes!)
With that they topped the previous time I saw them at Horseshoe... because, well, I fucking love that song + their version of it.
These guys deserve to have 'classic rock' status in a couple decades... and it is REALLY hard to say that about any bands of our time.

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