dear Deep Dark Robot.. 8 Songs About A Girl is just not enough!

Why hello Linda Perry.
Please fuck me, please.
I can't get you out of my mind after listening to Deep Dark Robot's debut album 8 Songs About A Girl.
It's exactly that: 8 songs written over the course of 5 months about a girl who broke Linda's heart.
I might think that sounds like a lame idea if it weren't for Linda and Tony Tornay.
They couldn't be more badass about it, while still making you want to cry just in a totally tough sort of way.
I absolutely love it. And I bet that anybody who is going through a nasty breakup would absolutely love it X a million more.
I know there are tons of albums out there that tell stories of heartbreak (country!), but the way this one is done is so specific and intent on each stage of their turbulent relationship.. and done over innovative pop rock that feels like nails gripping your thighs as you sit and watch it all unfold in your own imagination.
There isn't really a happy ending to this story I don't think, but the album itself ends on a high note that makes ME happy so I hope that's some consolation.
Now I plan on listening to the first couple tracks over and over in all their screaming glory.
(Since I haven't done this in a while) On a scale of flaccid to boner: my dick is the Grinch and this album is the Whos singing and holding hands with no presents on Christmas morning... and my dick just grew 3 sizes then went sledding.

Check it for FREE HERE.

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