Hey CMW/CMF, get outta here!

I never thought I'd be so happy about a music festival ending.
But here I am both relieved and somewhat ecstatic about not having to deal with CMW anymore - aside from writing about the bands I saw individually, which will be happening throughout this week.
All in all the week was thoroughly disappointing.
I saw some great bands, yes, but none of them blew their performance out of the puddles of water you had to hop to get into each show, except for maybe my friends band... which probably makes me bias.
I already ranted about my craptastic Saturday experience, but Sunday ended up topping it despite it being the best show I saw MUSICALLY all week/end.
Unfortunately there was just something in the air last night that ended up ruining the whole experience for me.

I have NEVER felt so uncomfortable a) at a punk show or b) alone at a show in my life like I did last night at Sneaky Dee's. I have been to more similar straight up punk shows than any other genre since I can remember, and since starting this blog I have gotten so used to flying solo... but last night was not a normal night.
For whatever reason my ability to remain incognito proved impossible and I was harassed to the point where I left after only 1 and a half bands to get pizza and go home because I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.
Normally I wouldn't let a bunch of overbearing gross dudes bothering me and a couple girls death glares in my direction ruin my night, but I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was stand there invisible and do my job so I could go back to bed.
Instead I felt like I had a red arrow pointing at my head the whole time telling people to fuck with me.
Maybe it was the meat and alcohol on my breath.

Whatever it was I was so over it that I left before I even got to see the band I was there to see. It was probably for the best since it was late, I had to get up early for work, and I am now sick.
That said, all in all this year Canadian Music Week didn't even come CLOSE to being worth it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.