Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Vessels & Veins

Sometimes bands really bum me out on having to review them.
To the point where I just don't wanna anymore, only I've already finished listening to the album/EP and have notes and don't to waste all that energy for no gain, SO, I figure posting said notes are better than nothing.
Penguins Kill Polar Bears notes for Vessels & Veins are as follows:
- i picture them playing in the forest in the rain
- vocals my favourite part, is that emo of me?
- i got started on an email and totally forgot that I was listening to something for a reason, oops, does that say something?
- i don't know why exactly but i find the guitars kind of annoying...
- songs are 4+ minutes but feel much longer
- cool name!?
Well, that's all folks!

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