Philly Moves like whoaa.

Ahhh so busy lately!
Neglectful towards this review column, I have been.
I've been meaning to write about this hip hop duo from Ottawa called Philly Moves who are playing in Toronto this Friday at the Global Backpackers Village (Canadian Music Week/Fest--HOLLA!).
Unfortunately I am absolutely dog crap at writing hip hop reviews.
And what do I do when I suck at things?
I make sucky pictures instead!!

Translation: Their album - 25 Years it's called - makes me picture driving through Canada with the sun beaming down on the car, windows wide open, music cranked, and a bunch of friends singing along.
In other words, I like it.
There's this road-trip-cross-Canada concept throughout the album which I think is pretty cool, especially when I hear places that I know or have seen come up. It really makes me want to rent a car and take off for a month to explore, all the while blaring me some Philly Moves.
The song "Heading Home" in particular over and over, because it's my favourite.
If you're into chill beats and happy times and Canada/patriotism you should check them out.

I'm Sarah. I sure don't talk good, but I sure don't write good either.