Tin Horn Prayer = Happy Sarah

Sarah being me.

I should apologize in advance for the probable shortness of this review, it's my second attempt at it and I accidentally erased all my notes from the first, as well as fucked up on the picture I spent way too long drawing to accompany this post.
And my heart hurts.
Literally, and definitely not emo'ly.
Like the title says, Sarah's happy! Aside from the phsyical heart pain.
Tin Horn Prayer are responsible for a lot of that current happiness.
Great fucking band.
Total 'drink til ya brawl' and 'drink till ya ball' music.
It's like down n dirty, rock n roll bluegrass with a punk rock sophistication.
With harmonica.
Did you just mess your pants, because I did. Again.
This horrible picture was supposed to portray what I pictured based on their sound, but I fucked up and got too lazy to fix + finish it.
Not that it really helps to get my point across, unless you're as silly as I am...LAWL!

You should probably just check the band out yourself.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.