writing on the whim is fun! Subject: Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain II

First of all WHAAAA... a hip hop breakdown?? In the first song? I don't get what's going on here, is this Jesse McCartney?

It's unusual, and 'fresh' for this complicated hardcore, I'll give them that...
But colour me turned off.
One song in!

It's not hooking me quite like the last album, but I do keep getting flashbacks of seeing them live and that's kind of making up for it. I think it's sounding a bit like Alexisonfire perhaps maybe at times? vocally? trying? I'm not an avid Alexisoinfire fan so I can't know for sure. (I could listen, but I'm lazy and really need to shower :s.)

Actually the further I get into the second song the more I forget about that rapping bullshit and I'm not quite sure if I'm fully turned off anymore.
It's a pretty powerful song, and I'm finding it hard to resist.

Just when I get back into the groove of things the album kind of plateaus, and despite many parts that I find myself loving, there are others that keep me mildly soft .. like this really bizarre part in "Blue Dream" which I could potentially love after the shock of it wears off?

And then they lose me again, when they layer some 'talk' style vocals over a part in "Priviously Poncheezied" which I just can't wrap any respect around.

I do like when the singer swears though.
Young girls will die for his voice.

I'm still torn.
I love the intensity of the cluster of instruments when they go crazy.
I don't love the boisterously emo parts nor the talk/rap.

I really need to go listen to their older stuff to figure out the difference. Hmm . I can't remember if it was Battle Mountain numero uno or their EP I fell for? Damn this terrible memory. Did they always have this rap bit going?

Maybe it's me who has changed?

I'm Sarah. Or am I..