ArpLine – Travel Book

This album is probably one of my favourite things I’ve heard all week, if not month of April.. if not all year.
They are called ArpLine and the album is titled Travel Book.
All I have to say is DAYUM!!!
It's spacey, bass’y, and straight out of the 80’s.
(maybe not quite but it rhymes so fuck you)
I fucking love it.
High energy synthy pop rock with a grungy twist that makes me want to break out in the most ridiculous dance moves I can think of.
They remind me of a punkier + more electronically-driven Scissor Sisters which is fucking awesome.
There isn't a single song on the album I dislike, and I couldn't be more excited about this band right now.

Check them out here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Yael Naim is back!

You may remember Yael Naim from her mega hit a few years back “New Soul” which, despite the insane amount of airplay, I still haven’t gotten sick of.
Well she’s back with David Donetien and a new album titled She Was A Boy. And if you’re worried about her being able to top her famous single don’t be. I’m 3 tracks in thus far and have already forgotten all about that Apple commercial. This album is full of fresh new jazzy folk pop potential hits, each one more charming than the last. My favourite being the title track, but every other song is a close second. The sound of her accent coming through in her vocals just makes her that much more special, and although each song is sufficient in length I find myself instantly sad at the end of the 13-track album, wishing and hoping there was more to it. Listening to her adorable crooning lights a fire of joy from my ears down to my heart, and even though I’m still listening to her I have this yearning to put the album on again and again and again… I guess it’s more like an obsession at this point, which astounds me after such a short getting-to-know period. If I had to suggest a commercial follow-up to “New Soul” it would definitely be “Mystical Love” or “Stupid Goal”, both are more upbeat groovy Apple commercial worthy singles that are almost unbearably catchy.
God-DAMN what a great album.

You must check it out here.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.


I stared at SWTHRT’s name for so long trying to figure out what the fuck it stood for before checking their facebook and seeing it was pronounced ‘sweetheart’..
how embarrassing.
For them!
I’m glad I didn’t pick up on it, makes me feel more like a man.
I was thinking they were going to be much heavier than they are for whatever reason, but they’re just a cutesy artsy indie pop rock duo with some dreamy vocals and the sound of a full band.
It’s actually quite good, and matches the ‘sweetheart’ name a lot more than the punk band I envisioned to go along with the acronym when I thought that’s what it was.
It lists their influence/sound as 80’s pop everywhere I look but I don’t think I’m convinced that it’s at all in that realm, aside from whatever effect the singer has on his voice. The way their songs are put together are way more this decades’ artsy (forgive me for this word) crap that all those hipsters are trying to pull out their vintage buttholes these days. Luckily for them they do it well and with minimal members playing multiple instruments, gaining my respect for that at least.
With each song the picture in my head of Conor Oberst in all his pretentious glory singing for The Cure at some current day hipster festival grows stronger and stronger, so I’m going to say that’s what SWTHRT remind me of right now.
I wish it was more 80’s though, it would be less boring to get through.
Not that boring is always bad, it’s just sleep evoking on this Friday afternoon.
Le sigh!
I do like it I think though, I mean I’d listen to it again when I’m either attempting to fall asleep or enjoying a nice strong espresso coffee.

Grab it for free at their bandcamp:

I’m Sarah. Did you know that the new hipster craze is making dead things look alive? You're welcome.

The 8 Year Wait Is Over! Welcome Back To CD land, Swingin' Utters!

It blows me away how some bands, Swingin’ Utters for example, can be equally as awesome today as they were over 2 decades ago. I mean, this band formed a year after I was born and I listened to them all through high school to this day. They’re currently on their 7th studio album Here, Under Protest and although they’ve definitely had some changes in sound here and there they’ve been very minimal, and matched their maturing process which is necessary for most bands. This album still represents their lovable country/bluegrass infused roots while proving the 8 year wait for new material was well beyond worth it.
Here, Under Protest has me happily reminiscing about the days when all we did was sit in our school’s hallway blaring Swingin’ Utters and their Fat Wreck companions. Each song gives me tingles, reminding me of how and more importantly why I am the person I am today when it comes to music, and it makes me SO excited to have new songs to learn and sing along to that still give me that fuzzy feeling of their past hits that I will never tire of.

Thank you Swingin’ Utters. Thank you Fat Wreck!

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

Pour Habit Got Your Back, Yo!

I know I've raved about Pour Habit before when their first album came out and blew me away, but why not do it again. In case you missed it last time, they are a super bad-ass fast, melodic at times, reckless, metal-infused, tight-as-fuck skate punk band from Fat Wreck.
Now that's a mouthful!
They also have some tricky-to-categorize reggae/ska breakdowns that set them apart from a lot of other bands on the label who they draw comparisons to.
And they're from Compton, which explains just how bad-ass they are.
They remind me a lot of The Offspring, the vocals mostly but the music is right up there on the boner scale with The Offspring's early albums.. quick, fun and definitely memorable.
Unfortunately my computer is being a dick again and I just barely finished a once-over of the album before it started freeze-skipping on me and I had to shut it off, or break my computer which isn't actually mine because I'm not at home... whatever.
Not that I need to listen to it any more to know that I love it and will be playing it again as sooooon as I'm off this piece of crap machine. FUCK TECHNOLOGY!

Check out the band here.

Sorry for the lack of images lately, this stupid computer wouldn't be able to handle that much work lemmetellyou

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


The Plurals are this poppy alt/punk trio with a clear 90’s rock influence and an obvious love for making noise, fusing so many sounds together that I can’t help but appreciate their ADD/ADHD friendly songs before I even start to scrutinize them. Each one tends to sound like two different radio stations coming through the same frequency only both stations are playing really wicked songs with similar styles so it works, hence the appeasing of my ADD. The only track I found worth scrutiny is #8, which is slower and lacking the flare the rest of the album possesses to keep you on your toes. Tippy toes at that. So let’s pretend #8 doesn’t exist and focus on the good stuff.
The singers’ vocals had me a little skeptical in the beginning track but luckily that feeling was fleeting and by song #2 I was skeptical no more. As soon as he started to yell/scream/sing I was picking my jaw up off the floor and trying to clean all the drool off my desk. The chick singer had the same affect on me, be it in the background or on her own, and the emphasis the band places on their vocals adds a shitload of awesome to the whole album.
I love it.
The music comes at you with a mess of energy almost like it’s trying to kick you into consciousness and force you to join in a punk-infused dance party. And you can’t say no.
And I love the bass.
It tickles my privates in all the right ways.
I’m ready for the dance party, who’s with me!?

Check them out here.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

When Procrastination Hits... you do what you can .

The nicer it gets out the less I am going to want to update/write for this site... oi. Here are a couple songs I've been hooked on all day today so I at least make an attempt to keep people reading... hopefully!? I LOVE YOU ALL!

Seth Rogen?
The Dopamines are one of my top 10 favourite bands probably, of right now at least. Such a good cover.

This song is just super.

blah blah blah

The Greatest Review I've Ever Written.

That's hardcore(throwdownstylez)/metal band The Plot In You's new album First Born... I don't much like it, but sometimes it's ok.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Smithsonian... a call out to the emo in me!

Smithsonian is an acoustic duo of brothers from Scotland playing Taking Back Sunday'ish cute, not to mention EMO, music!
I'm only throwing that out there because they hilariously reached out to 'the emo in me' for this review!
There are only a few songs available here on their bandcamp for me to talk about, but it's enough for me to decide that I like it, be it the emo in me or the fact that they play very pretty music that's simple but not lacking in the 'umph' necessary to keep me interested.
You'll have to excuse the shortness of this review but my computer is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY PISSING ME OFF RIGHT NOW due to freezing and shiz. I guess it matches the shortness of the demo, and I guess I don't have much else to say... other than their harmonies are breaking my heart in the best way possible right now as I type this.
Can't wait to hear more!

Once again, pick up their demo for FREE here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

My new favourite band. **OBSESSED**









I came across Royksopp at work and remembered this song... it was a favourite of mine during my HMV days and still reminds me of my very good friend Devon who I worked with there.
He passed away 2 years ago on May 16th (forever the worst day of the year for me) and since it's fast approaching I thought I'd give a wee shout out to him with this song.


One Win Choice: To erection... and BEYOND!

When I heard the initial grow-ly vocals I almost hit stop, but something kept me from pressing my thumb down to the button, I think it was my unique psychic music ability.
Whatever that means.
Ok I'm totally making that up, I have no psychic ability.
Anyway, all it took was a few seconds to realize that I was in-fucking-love with this band.
I don't have much time right now for this review but I just had to get something out explaining how great One Win Choice and their album Conveyor is.
Hardcore punk rock without trying too hard to be different, while naturally securing a unique-to-their-name sound that still falls hand in hands with bands like Kid Dynamite and all those other epic favourites of mine that I mention daily.
In the words of the movie Hot Rod this album is "super badass", and if you like superbadass things OR even just the movie Hot Rod (or punk music obviously) then I suggest checking this band out. NOW DAMMIT.

On a scale of flaccid to boner you could climb my mountain-ous penis all the way to the moon as long as I'm hearing this band while you do it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The MacHams - Stare Smile Talk

In the span of the 13 songs on The MacHams album Stare Smile Talk my opinion has changed quite drastically, and in the opposite direction of normalcy.
At first I was honestly not blown away by the band, it struck me as typical radio rock, nothing outstanding, and just okay vocals.
By the end of it however they had grown on me like sprouts on a chia pet after efficient watering. The vocals especially.
It's not often that an album that starts out boring me ends up surprising me. I have severe music ADD and tend to give up and judge things way too easily.
I stuck it out in this case though and I'm glad I did.
This album is actually quite solid.
It's cute, fun, and definitely has what it takes to gain popularity in this decade in music.
On the radio that is.
And the fact that I still enjoy it and want to hear more of it, now that says something. And it isn't punk at ALL.
It actually reminds me of Tal Bachman meets Snow Patrol meets 90's rock.
The only thing it lacks for me is energy in some songs, but they make up for it with tracks like "Lucky Number 7" which have me bobbing my head around like the bobblehead sitting on my desk at work. We're in unison right now and it's eerie...
Anyhoo, if you like all things radio friendly you'll love this album, hands down.

Check them out here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Fuck Emily Haines.

Right now I am attempting a review of the Toronto electro-pop-what-not duo Lovely Killbots but their album Once Smitten instantly reminds me of Metric and I just want to hate it.

I hate metric
Actually, Metric has a few good songs, I just hate Emily Haines so much... what a stupid dumb cunt.

I'm trying to give these guys more of a chance though.
I used to work with the guy in the band, so it's a little awkward.
I don't know if he knows...

The album has got some decent beats, impressively done by only two bodies for sure, but it's not really striking me as something I want to hear again.

In the song "Matters" I hear a little "Smooth Criminal" action. I'm not sure if it's intentional but I hope so. That's kind of neat if it is, and kind of a rip off if it ain't.

Their album cover is all too much like a Death From Above 1979 album cover, and because of that I am even less impressed with this release.

They sometimes sound a lot like a darker version of The Weekend, vocals especially, and I really like that band but don't need another one like it... especially one that sounds more like Emily Haines joining The Weekend for a recording session.


Fuck Emily Haines.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Black Lips... They'll Change Your Life!

Seeing The Black Lips live is life altering.

This is all I have to say on the matter.
I've reviewed their show before, and words can't help me further describe how amazing they are.

So just go fucking see them already.

If you missed last night's show at the Phoenix in Toronto then you suck and I feel sorry for you. Ha!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman!

Last night's show at the Bovine was one of the most epic experiences of my life.
No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Belvedere are 3 bands that easily sum up my obsession with punk music as a teenager, and still to this day bands I listen to regularly.
The Flatliners are one of my favourite discoveries in punk music since.
To have singers from each of those groups performing under one roof, at the BOVINE of all places (which is practically my second home) was a pivotal moment in my show going career and something I won't ever forget.

I don't even want to ruin the experience by analyzing it for a review, so I'm just going to gush a bit about how wicked it was instead.

Having never seen Good Riddance or No Use For A Name before I can't even begin to explain how exciting it was to witness Russ Rankin and Tony Sly stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and them alone on stage.
Russ Rankin left me dying to see Good Riddance perform.
Tony Sly left me satisfied even if I don't get a chance to see No Use.
He gave me shivers with every single song he performed which he had written for the band way back when, and blew me away with every new song I heard.
The most amazing part of the night though was when he sang "International You Day", and I almost cried. I'll accept it if you call me emo.

Check out the interview I did with Tony Sly before the show!

Seeing Steve Rawles with his acoustic folk rock set was like seeing an old friend for the first time in years. I miss the crap out of Belvedere but am not sad on what he's doing now, it gave me multiple eargasms.

Chris Cresswell was the biggest surprise of the night, on stage alone with just a bass drum and his acoustic and that phenomenal voice, spitting out the most awe-worthy songs of the night. He reminded me of one of my idols Dave Hause, and let's just say the floor at my feet was covered by an embarrassing amount of pre-cum after his set... he could have easily been the peak performance of the night sending both me and my vagina home happy had he been the last. I hope he keeps this up because I need to see it again.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Sean Rowe = Zach Galifianakis + Jesus Christ

Look at this guy, he's totally Zach meets Jesus.
Just call him GalifianJESUES, Sean GalifianJESUS.

You may be able to see the Galifianakis resemblance in that picture, but the Jesus addition to that is based mostly on the way Sean Rowe mesmerises his audience whilst on stage.
It is literally like watching somebody walk on water but with your ears.
The sound of his voice, whether he's singing or telling stories, is impossible to ignore.
He had, by far, one of the quietest, most intimate crowds there to see him on Thursday at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto and I don't think the type of people in the audience had much to do with that.
It was all him and his incredible deep voice.
You couldn't even think about talking while he was because he was just too damn glorious up on stage.
His stories about his school play and how he was a bumble bee and they were 'super fucking hot', how he was raised Catholic in up state New York, how he loved the Hulk and would rip his PJ's in fake rages, all of which were entertaining because of how he spoke to us... born to be on stage.
The music in itself was haunting and beautiful, and gave me chills almost every single song.
His covers of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel", Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and Tom Wait's "Jesus Gonna Be Here" were nailed gorgeously, and you could tell by the audiences reaction that not a soul present thought he was doing a poor job covering these legends right in front of us.
Talk about a heart wrenching performance.
You need to check him out... DO IT HERE.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

the ghost of a thousand is basically crack in the form of music...

and I'm trying really hard to quit it(them).
but I just CAN'T.

all morning I keep rocking out at my desk to the couple songs I posted below vvv.
and I keep getting caught by co-workers... and I can't stop.

SO I am trying to distract myself with a couple pretty cool songs... when I really should be writing actual reviews... and not be posting videos in this section when I have a section for videos... uhhhhhhhh so many things wrong here.

(I can only stand this song for the drums and perhaps the guitar that girl can shove a sock in it, preferably one that was just masturbated into)


ok now I'm seriously jones'in for some more ghost of a thousand... fuuuck.

I'm Sarah. This obsession is unhealthy.


Never drink and blog.


A fucking Wilhelm Scream are touring through Toronto again on June 18th ... UHhHhhhHhHhhhhhh yeah .



they are awwwesommmee.

I'm Sarah I do what I want.

The Way of the Refused.

waaaaahhhhh why do so many good bands of this nature have to break up before I get a chance to see them :(

I am a couple weeks late hearing the news, but a fav band of mine The Ghost of a Thousand friggin' just broke up after 7 years.

P-I-S-E-D.... pised? (yes, that's from the movie The Sweetest Thing, whutufit)

They sound a lot like the Refused, which pisses me off more because I never saw them either. Same producer, who produced The Hives apparently too... odd?


I'm Sarah. This is what I do when I should be doing other things.

Everything is coming up Milhouse!

Please allow me to TOOT my own horn for a second.

Sean Rowe interview coming up, and a review of his show on Thursday at The Dakota to follow.

Tony Sly interview on Friday before he plays at The Bovine.

Frank Turner interview fast approaching to my friend Corry's dismay :P HAHA CORRY.

Black Lips show AND BASEBALL on Saturday.

Recent collaborations with Raptors Delight and Stage Diving Agency.

Everything is coming up MSB. Almost everything is coming up Sarah. Woot.

Fuck singers!

An Avoiding Catatonic Surrender Kind Of Day.

Better keep your Kleenex close!

He got fat, to no AVAIL... bahahaha get it? I'm so funny.

PS: I will be interviewing Frank Turner soon! WOOT!

NEED to see him again. Bad.

SO CUTE!!! Smile babeh.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Check out Stuck On Planet Earth's new single "Honestly Speaking", it's fucking wicked.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

this song is awesome.

The Good, The Bad, The Funny!

I received an email this morning from the punk/hardcore promotors in Italy called Stage Diving Agency asking if I would like to collaborate with them, write reviews for their bands, and interviews etc etc! SHIT YEAH I DO! I'm blown away right now that they asked, they deal with wicked bands who I would prefer to be writing about more... not to mention that means I'm now about to conquer Italy! Watch out Europe, MSB is taking over! England = CHECK. Germany = CHECK. Italy = CHECK!
Who's awesome!?

Is none of your business :P

I have groupies. Male groupies. Bahahahahahaha!

Mmm Female Fronted Folk!

They're called Kindlewood and they are pretty pretty indie folk music.
And I like it.
And you might too!

Check them out here!

I'm Sarah. Me likey!

You're about to start your first day of your Career In Science!

Mmmm nerdy punk rock.
Superbadass nerdy too.
They are Careers in Science.
They reference video games in their songs.
They could be terrible and I'd still probably like them.
They aren't though..
They're actually quite wicked, as wicked as 'nerdy punk' would imply!
They're the type of punk band that will stick with you through all the crap that comes and goes in the punk genre because of their candid style and their tight relationship to their roots. They might not quite have 'favourite band' material yet (in my opinion), but their nerdy tendencies open up that possibility in future releases by setting them apart from a lot of other bands like them.
Their current album WHATEVERWOLF is still growing on me though, and considering that I started off liking it I may have to take back that statement about favourite band material before I even finish writing this...

This band rules alright.
Almost as much as science does.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Ghost Heart, starring Robin Williams!

I think I've just found my new winding-down-before-bed-while-baked album in Ghost Heart's The Tunnel and I'm interested to see what kind of dreams their music will inspire.
I'm sure they'll be pretty out there.
And possibly African.

The album is epic.
Epic in length.
Epic in build up.
Epic in style.
E - easy
P - penis
I - into
C - cunt
That's probably what Gary Busey would say about it. I think that means that it's awesome.

They're epic mostly because of the tribal twist to the drum-driven indie rock.. it's almost like watching Jumanji on marajuana... add some psychedelic time travel themes to the movie's plot and you've got Ghost Heart, if the band were actually a movie.

They leave me wanting to find as much tribal music as possible.
I think it's neat.
My favourite part about the album is the way it ends, but not the fact that it ends, if that makes sense?
I guess none of this really makes sense... !

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Ten After Two can suck my poo.

Okay, I'm getting really sick of bands like Ten After Two.
You know the kind... heavy, post hardcore "punk", blasting drums, growling vocals with emo bullshit singing for the chorus, typical boring guitars, bass with no purpose...

I mean, fuck, I can't even tell the difference between them anymore, the only thing that any of them seem to do to set themselves apart is change the timing of the drums, and even that is becoming all too predictable because they're all trying so hard to stay unpredictable. Just give up the genre already, PLEASE!

And stop crying.

Also, he days of floor punching are supposed to be over, there's no need for mowing the lawn or grocery shopping in the middle of a concert anymore, it's stupid.
You look stupid. You sound stupid. I hate you. Die.

I'm Sarah. I can't even bother writing any more about this annoying band.

Dear Landlord Are The Best Band EVER!

Don't believe me?
Just check them out Live at The Fest 9..

Still don't believe me? Watch the rest of their Fest 9 videos HERE.




Everything I know about the blues I learned from you.

So here I am putting off all the actual reviews I've been asked to write and listening instead to all the new streams on

Bad idea jeans... I just found the band Daybreaker and now I can't stop listening to them. I really shouldn't distract myself so much, damn procrastination!

There is something just so intriguing about this band though, they've got something more to them than most bands I heard on the site today.
It's like punk rock meets country/folk meets straight up 90's style rock music. ??? Maybe?


I love the vocals especially.

AND also there is this other band who caught my ear/eye/vag on punknews right now called By Surprise... they're somewhat typical indie (wannabepunk) rock, but kinda cool... cool enough to further distract me anyway.


I'm Sarah. I need to get back to real work...

You've got 3 choices: Run, Hide or DIE!

The Underground Railroad to Candyland is quite possibly the best band name ever!
Their music is just as sweet as their name too, heh, get it, sweet like CANDY .. OOOOHHH SNAP.

(I am well aware of how lame I am, just in case anybody is wondering..)

Love the vocals. Love the surfy punky sound. Listen below for yourself.

Underground Railroad to Candyland-Bird Roughs by recessrecords

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Piiiinnnnnbaaaaackkkkkkkkk isssssss baaaacccckkkkkkk!!!!


I miss Pinback.
Summer in Abaddon was my favourite album for a very very long time, I used to listen to it every night before I went to bed.

ahhhh just listen to that piano... Tears for Fears Donnie Darko stylez or whut!

Uh oh- I could strangle you all
Uh oh- Did I say that out loud?

(heh, look at dem mutts!)

Who wants to road trip down from Toronto to Chicago April 24th to see them EH EH EH !? !? !?

Seriously... email me.

ALSO: If you like Pinback you should check out Systems Officer HERE.

I'm Sarah I do what I want and such.

The Day Of The P's!!!!!

Three things:

1. Pulley is planning a new full length due out next year :D :D :D

2. Pinback is on tour? Wtf?! So far there are only US dates but they better fucking come to Toronto or a road trip may be in order.

3. Pour Habit have a new song up on their MYSPACE.

I'm Sarah yadda yadda whatever

Hey, aren't you Richard Simmons' friend, Richard Simmons?

This may sound funny but as a child I found a lot of inspiration in my mom's Sweatin' to the Oldies tapes with Richard Simmons.
They had DAMN good songs on them, for that era anyway.
Today at work the station is playing a lot of these songs, so I thought I'd share some!
SIDENOTE: Does anybody remember the Vandals Live Sweatin' to the Oldies album!? FUCK that was good.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

I received a copy of the debut album from the band Fa Fa Fa (straight out of Reno, Nevada... Reno 911 anyone?!) with a sweet little note attached to it from the singer, so I was pleased when I liked the band instantly and wasn't going to have to talk shit.
(I do have a conscience, I just don't listen to it normally.)
Fa Fa Fa are a psychedelic indie rock jam band aka the next Talking Heads. Hence the name, derived from the TH song "Psycho Killer" which I LOVE.

They also remind me of a combination of two Toronto bands (perhaps it's because of their Canadian producer, Howard Bilerman)... Bravestation and Heartbeat Hotel molded into one.
Me likey.
And if the Talking Heads/Canadian sound isn't enough, the first track on their album actually borrows lines from the T.S. Eliot poem "The Hollow Men", which might be my favourite poem.. not that I'm a huge poetry fanatic or anything.
Anyway it's a great album, and you can listen to it for FREE right hurr!
Latest tracks by fafafamusic

Track number 6 is especially kickass, FYI.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

My Scientifically Unscientific Musical Experiment.

I've been conducting an experiment of sorts.
I wanted to see how long it would take me to get sick of this song:

Because I've listened to it pretty much every day for two'ish years, and I had a sneaking suspicion it would be impossible to hate, so I started listening to it on repeat all day every day while at work. That's 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Unfortunately my ADD distracts me often and I'll cheat on the song here and there, but I've done pretty well with the task regardless.
And guess what, I'm still listening to it now. and going to hit play again as soon as it finishes.

Mmmmmmm finishes...

I'm Sarah. I can't hate this song.

To further my previous post...

Even though you'll read this first since that's how the page is set up... blarg!
After mentioning Matt Skiba and Kevin Seconds I rediscovered their split CD and how seXXXy it is.
Like this song:

And this one:

(^^^that typo happened because I'm fat and dropped a bunch of chocolate chips on my computer... I don't know why I'm choosing to leave it in and tell you about it instead of just erasing it)

And I also mentioned Kevin Devine below, so at the risk of unleashing my emo all over your face I'm going to admit how much I love this song... it references baseball, suck it.

I just realized in this version he breaks into Brand New lyrics near the end (love that song) and I don't remember that from the other versions I've heard.


I'm Sarah, I do what I want.

OMFG!!!!!! JEFF ROWE!!!!!!!! HEARTS!!!!!!

Excuse me for being a dumb girl for a second but JEFF ROWE JUST ANSWERED ME ON FACEBOOK!!!
I love him.
It was nothing really.. I requested he come to Toronto on his page... BUT HE ANSWERED ME.
Jeff Rowe isn't a man who pays somebody to do that shit for him.
At least I'm telling myself that, or I'll cry.

He's so great.
Him and Frank Turner should tour together. Add some Tony Sly, American War, Ben Nichols, Joey Brigg, Russ Rankin, Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass, Kevin Seconds, Matt Skiba, Kevin Devine... and I have to stop there and just wonder why the fuck nobody is doing a crazy tour like that. If I ever get huge in the putting on shows business I'm totally hooking that up.


I'm Sarah, I do what I want.

We All Have Hooks For Hands - Girls

In case the title confuses you at all, We All Have Hooks For Hands is the band and Girls is the EP.
I'm a girl... this album is practically about me already, I LIKE IT!
End of review.

I kid, I kid.
What at first glance looked like another bunch of hipster douche bags forming an art rock/pop band actually turned out to be arguably less if not NOT hipster and much better than expected.
They appear to be 6 boys just being cute singing about girls, accompanied by horns, and making art with their music... except it's not the annoying hipster artsy kind of indie whatever, it's much deeper than that. And I don't mean that to be sappy or sarcastic.
The use of gang(like) vocals, trumpet, lots of drums forming such simply intricate music is art in itself. Throw in a twangy folk song like "Trapped" and you've got my ears in your grip forever.
Listening to them reminds me of over sized, brightly coloured happy things being drawn in the air over real life scenarios.. and of Juno, the movie.. or just Michael Cera in general.

By the way, I don't actually like flowers.. but I do like booze.
1 outta 2 ain't bad!

Click here for more info.

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Movits! Movits! Movits! New Album Review!

Swing mixed with hip hop?
Who knew this combination could be so robust!
I guess the Movits! did after their first album because they're back with a second full length called Out Of My Head, out tomorrow and currently streaming at

Hands down this release is the coolest sounding album I've heard so far this year, the beefy hip hop dance beats paired with jazzy horns and big band style swing sounds have me exactly where I'm guessing they want me... sitting at my desk at work with my butt a mess of out of control poppin'.
So what if I can't dance, the boom boom of the bass is enough to encourage my ass to shake even without any rhythm, and I can't help but go Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights all over myself.
It's slightly embarrassing and fully entertaining.
The more I listen the more obsessed I become, and for once the 13 song track list feels WAY TOO SHORT even in my ADHD destroyed mind.
On a scale of flaccid to hard on my slide tromboner is fully extended.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

!NEW FAVOURITE BAND ALERT! Black Lungs Black Lungs Black Lungs

So I had a major punk epiphany... punkiphany?... on Friday night at Parts & Labour.
It jolted me completely out of my no-show-going funk and back into the arms of great punk shows like the one that night.
The band to thank for it is Black Lungs, and I admit I'm a bit surprised.
I've heard a bunch of songs by the band but never the greatest recordings, and because of my lack of love for Alexis I wasn't as initially blown away by them as I rightfully should have been.
Seeing them live changed that.
They were fantastic.
The atmosphere was right in the basement at P&L, the band was face to face with the crowd and the music was incredible.
And I was waaaasted. ($3 Jagger shots, WHAAAT!)
But that doesn't have anything to do with how amazing Black Lungs were. Seriously it doesn't!
I'm pretty sure I walked away from their set fully moist in the vagina area after imagining myself f'ing the s out of their music.
...I would totally f the s out of their music if I could.
Or just their performance in general, which was balls deep in awesome sauce and had the entire crowd figuratively pooping their pants over it.
Oi.. I just want to be back there, on the outskirts of the pit, getting my rock on...
What impressed me even more about the band just now is the Hunter S. Thompson quote on their facebook.
And the brief steak conversation I may or may not have had with one of them outside before the show without knowing who they were. I love steak. I really wish I got steak that night, the restaurant upstairs was clusterfucked with people the entire time so you know it has to be delicious... at LEAST to drunk people, and I was one... oh was I ever one...
Anyway, CHECK OUT BLACK LUNGS next time they play, seriously, do it, and to the band if they ever read this you should totally play at my birthday show in May... *cough*!

The rest of the night was pretty awesome as well, Spitfist played first who we all know I love, and they were as awesome as ever... unfortunately this was probably my drunkest point of the night straight off the pre-drink and I don't remember much except standing on a bench struggling to see in all my shortness. All I know is that I love seeing this band every single time, and Alicia looked especially badass... SHOUTOUT!

White Lung (whoa, double lungs in the house!) played last, and there's been a bit of a debate between the two friends I was with about them and I'm on the fence. On the one side my friend, we'll call her F, thought it was an awesome performance and she thinks they are super good... but on the other side my friend B thinks that they weren't technically good enough to deserve all the hype that was going through the entire crowd and although they were fun they weren't anything special, not in the way the fans made them out to be anyway. I kind of agree with both... but leaning towards backing F because I had such a good time watching them that nothing else really mattered at the time.

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Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon behind them...

Charge of the Light Brigade serves as a very powerful band name based on what I learned in history class long ago.
The question is whether or not their album The Defiant Ones lives up to the power the name implies.
If I were to judge the album based on the first two tracks alone I would say it does.
Unfortunately the CD doesn't stop there... with 13 tracks it seems to lose power with every next song and by the end I can only view it as weak, with the exception of their Bruce Springsteen cover "Atlantic City". That track alone comes close to redeeming the album, done brilliantly as their own without a hint of insult to the original.
If the rest of the album were Bruce Springsteen covers I think I'd be happier with it.
Truth be told the consistent low key dance rock with unique vocals just ends up droning on and on in my ears and I feel irritated and antsy every time I try to focus on it for an extended number of songs.
I have no doubt that this band would be ten times better live, perhaps just with a short opening set *cough*, but as far as this album I'd rather puke in my mouth than have to hear it again from front to back.

One song at a time however I could definitely get into.
It's just too much of the same, and unless you're a hardcore fan of this genre of music and this style of vocal, which I am not, then it's a tough one to love.
Check them out here and see for yourself though, because I'm in bitch mode right meow!

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