The 8 Year Wait Is Over! Welcome Back To CD land, Swingin' Utters!

It blows me away how some bands, Swingin’ Utters for example, can be equally as awesome today as they were over 2 decades ago. I mean, this band formed a year after I was born and I listened to them all through high school to this day. They’re currently on their 7th studio album Here, Under Protest and although they’ve definitely had some changes in sound here and there they’ve been very minimal, and matched their maturing process which is necessary for most bands. This album still represents their lovable country/bluegrass infused roots while proving the 8 year wait for new material was well beyond worth it.
Here, Under Protest has me happily reminiscing about the days when all we did was sit in our school’s hallway blaring Swingin’ Utters and their Fat Wreck companions. Each song gives me tingles, reminding me of how and more importantly why I am the person I am today when it comes to music, and it makes me SO excited to have new songs to learn and sing along to that still give me that fuzzy feeling of their past hits that I will never tire of.

Thank you Swingin’ Utters. Thank you Fat Wreck!

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