The Plurals are this poppy alt/punk trio with a clear 90’s rock influence and an obvious love for making noise, fusing so many sounds together that I can’t help but appreciate their ADD/ADHD friendly songs before I even start to scrutinize them. Each one tends to sound like two different radio stations coming through the same frequency only both stations are playing really wicked songs with similar styles so it works, hence the appeasing of my ADD. The only track I found worth scrutiny is #8, which is slower and lacking the flare the rest of the album possesses to keep you on your toes. Tippy toes at that. So let’s pretend #8 doesn’t exist and focus on the good stuff.
The singers’ vocals had me a little skeptical in the beginning track but luckily that feeling was fleeting and by song #2 I was skeptical no more. As soon as he started to yell/scream/sing I was picking my jaw up off the floor and trying to clean all the drool off my desk. The chick singer had the same affect on me, be it in the background or on her own, and the emphasis the band places on their vocals adds a shitload of awesome to the whole album.
I love it.
The music comes at you with a mess of energy almost like it’s trying to kick you into consciousness and force you to join in a punk-infused dance party. And you can’t say no.
And I love the bass.
It tickles my privates in all the right ways.
I’m ready for the dance party, who’s with me!?

Check them out here.

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