Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon behind them...

Charge of the Light Brigade serves as a very powerful band name based on what I learned in history class long ago.
The question is whether or not their album The Defiant Ones lives up to the power the name implies.
If I were to judge the album based on the first two tracks alone I would say it does.
Unfortunately the CD doesn't stop there... with 13 tracks it seems to lose power with every next song and by the end I can only view it as weak, with the exception of their Bruce Springsteen cover "Atlantic City". That track alone comes close to redeeming the album, done brilliantly as their own without a hint of insult to the original.
If the rest of the album were Bruce Springsteen covers I think I'd be happier with it.
Truth be told the consistent low key dance rock with unique vocals just ends up droning on and on in my ears and I feel irritated and antsy every time I try to focus on it for an extended number of songs.
I have no doubt that this band would be ten times better live, perhaps just with a short opening set *cough*, but as far as this album I'd rather puke in my mouth than have to hear it again from front to back.

One song at a time however I could definitely get into.
It's just too much of the same, and unless you're a hardcore fan of this genre of music and this style of vocal, which I am not, then it's a tough one to love.
Check them out here and see for yourself though, because I'm in bitch mode right meow!

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