Ghost Heart, starring Robin Williams!

I think I've just found my new winding-down-before-bed-while-baked album in Ghost Heart's The Tunnel and I'm interested to see what kind of dreams their music will inspire.
I'm sure they'll be pretty out there.
And possibly African.

The album is epic.
Epic in length.
Epic in build up.
Epic in style.
E - easy
P - penis
I - into
C - cunt
That's probably what Gary Busey would say about it. I think that means that it's awesome.

They're epic mostly because of the tribal twist to the drum-driven indie rock.. it's almost like watching Jumanji on marajuana... add some psychedelic time travel themes to the movie's plot and you've got Ghost Heart, if the band were actually a movie.

They leave me wanting to find as much tribal music as possible.
I think it's neat.
My favourite part about the album is the way it ends, but not the fact that it ends, if that makes sense?
I guess none of this really makes sense... !

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