!NEW FAVOURITE BAND ALERT! Black Lungs Black Lungs Black Lungs

So I had a major punk epiphany... punkiphany?... on Friday night at Parts & Labour.
It jolted me completely out of my no-show-going funk and back into the arms of great punk shows like the one that night.
The band to thank for it is Black Lungs, and I admit I'm a bit surprised.
I've heard a bunch of songs by the band but never the greatest recordings, and because of my lack of love for Alexis I wasn't as initially blown away by them as I rightfully should have been.
Seeing them live changed that.
They were fantastic.
The atmosphere was right in the basement at P&L, the band was face to face with the crowd and the music was incredible.
And I was waaaasted. ($3 Jagger shots, WHAAAT!)
But that doesn't have anything to do with how amazing Black Lungs were. Seriously it doesn't!
I'm pretty sure I walked away from their set fully moist in the vagina area after imagining myself f'ing the s out of their music.
...I would totally f the s out of their music if I could.
Or just their performance in general, which was balls deep in awesome sauce and had the entire crowd figuratively pooping their pants over it.
Oi.. I just want to be back there, on the outskirts of the pit, getting my rock on...
What impressed me even more about the band just now is the Hunter S. Thompson quote on their facebook.
And the brief steak conversation I may or may not have had with one of them outside before the show without knowing who they were. I love steak. I really wish I got steak that night, the restaurant upstairs was clusterfucked with people the entire time so you know it has to be delicious... at LEAST to drunk people, and I was one... oh was I ever one...
Anyway, CHECK OUT BLACK LUNGS next time they play, seriously, do it, and to the band if they ever read this you should totally play at my birthday show in May... *cough*!

The rest of the night was pretty awesome as well, Spitfist played first who we all know I love, and they were as awesome as ever... unfortunately this was probably my drunkest point of the night straight off the pre-drink and I don't remember much except standing on a bench struggling to see in all my shortness. All I know is that I love seeing this band every single time, and Alicia looked especially badass... SHOUTOUT!

White Lung (whoa, double lungs in the house!) played last, and there's been a bit of a debate between the two friends I was with about them and I'm on the fence. On the one side my friend, we'll call her F, thought it was an awesome performance and she thinks they are super good... but on the other side my friend B thinks that they weren't technically good enough to deserve all the hype that was going through the entire crowd and although they were fun they weren't anything special, not in the way the fans made them out to be anyway. I kind of agree with both... but leaning towards backing F because I had such a good time watching them that nothing else really mattered at the time.

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