OMFG!!!!!! JEFF ROWE!!!!!!!! HEARTS!!!!!!

Excuse me for being a dumb girl for a second but JEFF ROWE JUST ANSWERED ME ON FACEBOOK!!!
I love him.
It was nothing really.. I requested he come to Toronto on his page... BUT HE ANSWERED ME.
Jeff Rowe isn't a man who pays somebody to do that shit for him.
At least I'm telling myself that, or I'll cry.

He's so great.
Him and Frank Turner should tour together. Add some Tony Sly, American War, Ben Nichols, Joey Brigg, Russ Rankin, Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass, Kevin Seconds, Matt Skiba, Kevin Devine... and I have to stop there and just wonder why the fuck nobody is doing a crazy tour like that. If I ever get huge in the putting on shows business I'm totally hooking that up.


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