One Win Choice: To erection... and BEYOND!

When I heard the initial grow-ly vocals I almost hit stop, but something kept me from pressing my thumb down to the button, I think it was my unique psychic music ability.
Whatever that means.
Ok I'm totally making that up, I have no psychic ability.
Anyway, all it took was a few seconds to realize that I was in-fucking-love with this band.
I don't have much time right now for this review but I just had to get something out explaining how great One Win Choice and their album Conveyor is.
Hardcore punk rock without trying too hard to be different, while naturally securing a unique-to-their-name sound that still falls hand in hands with bands like Kid Dynamite and all those other epic favourites of mine that I mention daily.
In the words of the movie Hot Rod this album is "super badass", and if you like superbadass things OR even just the movie Hot Rod (or punk music obviously) then I suggest checking this band out. NOW DAMMIT.

On a scale of flaccid to boner you could climb my mountain-ous penis all the way to the moon as long as I'm hearing this band while you do it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.