Pour Habit Got Your Back, Yo!

I know I've raved about Pour Habit before when their first album came out and blew me away, but why not do it again. In case you missed it last time, they are a super bad-ass fast, melodic at times, reckless, metal-infused, tight-as-fuck skate punk band from Fat Wreck.
Now that's a mouthful!
They also have some tricky-to-categorize reggae/ska breakdowns that set them apart from a lot of other bands on the label who they draw comparisons to.
And they're from Compton, which explains just how bad-ass they are.
They remind me a lot of The Offspring, the vocals mostly but the music is right up there on the boner scale with The Offspring's early albums.. quick, fun and definitely memorable.
Unfortunately my computer is being a dick again and I just barely finished a once-over of the album before it started freeze-skipping on me and I had to shut it off, or break my computer which isn't actually mine because I'm not at home... whatever.
Not that I need to listen to it any more to know that I love it and will be playing it again as sooooon as I'm off this piece of crap machine. FUCK TECHNOLOGY!

Check out the band here.

Sorry for the lack of images lately, this stupid computer wouldn't be able to handle that much work lemmetellyou

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