Sean Rowe = Zach Galifianakis + Jesus Christ

Look at this guy, he's totally Zach meets Jesus.
Just call him GalifianJESUES, Sean GalifianJESUS.

You may be able to see the Galifianakis resemblance in that picture, but the Jesus addition to that is based mostly on the way Sean Rowe mesmerises his audience whilst on stage.
It is literally like watching somebody walk on water but with your ears.
The sound of his voice, whether he's singing or telling stories, is impossible to ignore.
He had, by far, one of the quietest, most intimate crowds there to see him on Thursday at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto and I don't think the type of people in the audience had much to do with that.
It was all him and his incredible deep voice.
You couldn't even think about talking while he was because he was just too damn glorious up on stage.
His stories about his school play and how he was a bumble bee and they were 'super fucking hot', how he was raised Catholic in up state New York, how he loved the Hulk and would rip his PJ's in fake rages, all of which were entertaining because of how he spoke to us... born to be on stage.
The music in itself was haunting and beautiful, and gave me chills almost every single song.
His covers of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel", Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and Tom Wait's "Jesus Gonna Be Here" were nailed gorgeously, and you could tell by the audiences reaction that not a soul present thought he was doing a poor job covering these legends right in front of us.
Talk about a heart wrenching performance.
You need to check him out... DO IT HERE.


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