Smithsonian... a call out to the emo in me!

Smithsonian is an acoustic duo of brothers from Scotland playing Taking Back Sunday'ish cute, not to mention EMO, music!
I'm only throwing that out there because they hilariously reached out to 'the emo in me' for this review!
There are only a few songs available here on their bandcamp for me to talk about, but it's enough for me to decide that I like it, be it the emo in me or the fact that they play very pretty music that's simple but not lacking in the 'umph' necessary to keep me interested.
You'll have to excuse the shortness of this review but my computer is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY PISSING ME OFF RIGHT NOW due to freezing and shiz. I guess it matches the shortness of the demo, and I guess I don't have much else to say... other than their harmonies are breaking my heart in the best way possible right now as I type this.
Can't wait to hear more!

Once again, pick up their demo for FREE here.

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