I stared at SWTHRT’s name for so long trying to figure out what the fuck it stood for before checking their facebook and seeing it was pronounced ‘sweetheart’..
how embarrassing.
For them!
I’m glad I didn’t pick up on it, makes me feel more like a man.
I was thinking they were going to be much heavier than they are for whatever reason, but they’re just a cutesy artsy indie pop rock duo with some dreamy vocals and the sound of a full band.
It’s actually quite good, and matches the ‘sweetheart’ name a lot more than the punk band I envisioned to go along with the acronym when I thought that’s what it was.
It lists their influence/sound as 80’s pop everywhere I look but I don’t think I’m convinced that it’s at all in that realm, aside from whatever effect the singer has on his voice. The way their songs are put together are way more this decades’ artsy (forgive me for this word) crap that all those hipsters are trying to pull out their vintage buttholes these days. Luckily for them they do it well and with minimal members playing multiple instruments, gaining my respect for that at least.
With each song the picture in my head of Conor Oberst in all his pretentious glory singing for The Cure at some current day hipster festival grows stronger and stronger, so I’m going to say that’s what SWTHRT remind me of right now.
I wish it was more 80’s though, it would be less boring to get through.
Not that boring is always bad, it’s just sleep evoking on this Friday afternoon.
Le sigh!
I do like it I think though, I mean I’d listen to it again when I’m either attempting to fall asleep or enjoying a nice strong espresso coffee.

Grab it for free at their bandcamp: www.swthrt.bandcamp.com

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