Ten After Two can suck my poo.

Okay, I'm getting really sick of bands like Ten After Two.
You know the kind... heavy, post hardcore "punk", blasting drums, growling vocals with emo bullshit singing for the chorus, typical boring guitars, bass with no purpose...

I mean, fuck, I can't even tell the difference between them anymore, the only thing that any of them seem to do to set themselves apart is change the timing of the drums, and even that is becoming all too predictable because they're all trying so hard to stay unpredictable. Just give up the genre already, PLEASE!

And stop crying.

Also, he days of floor punching are supposed to be over, there's no need for mowing the lawn or grocery shopping in the middle of a concert anymore, it's stupid.
You look stupid. You sound stupid. I hate you. Die.

I'm Sarah. I can't even bother writing any more about this annoying band.