We All Have Hooks For Hands - Girls

In case the title confuses you at all, We All Have Hooks For Hands is the band and Girls is the EP.
I'm a girl... this album is practically about me already, I LIKE IT!
End of review.

I kid, I kid.
What at first glance looked like another bunch of hipster douche bags forming an art rock/pop band actually turned out to be arguably less if not NOT hipster and much better than expected.
They appear to be 6 boys just being cute singing about girls, accompanied by horns, and making art with their music... except it's not the annoying hipster artsy kind of indie whatever, it's much deeper than that. And I don't mean that to be sappy or sarcastic.
The use of gang(like) vocals, trumpet, lots of drums forming such simply intricate music is art in itself. Throw in a twangy folk song like "Trapped" and you've got my ears in your grip forever.
Listening to them reminds me of over sized, brightly coloured happy things being drawn in the air over real life scenarios.. and of Juno, the movie.. or just Michael Cera in general.

By the way, I don't actually like flowers.. but I do like booze.
1 outta 2 ain't bad!

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