You're about to start your first day of your Career In Science!

Mmmm nerdy punk rock.
Superbadass nerdy too.
They are Careers in Science.
They reference video games in their songs.
They could be terrible and I'd still probably like them.
They aren't though..
They're actually quite wicked, as wicked as 'nerdy punk' would imply!
They're the type of punk band that will stick with you through all the crap that comes and goes in the punk genre because of their candid style and their tight relationship to their roots. They might not quite have 'favourite band' material yet (in my opinion), but their nerdy tendencies open up that possibility in future releases by setting them apart from a lot of other bands like them.
Their current album WHATEVERWOLF is still growing on me though, and considering that I started off liking it I may have to take back that statement about favourite band material before I even finish writing this...

This band rules alright.
Almost as much as science does.


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