Breaching Disappointment...

When I first gave Breaching Vista new album Vera City a quick listen I really didn't think the band was that bad. In fact, I THOUGHT I liked them!
I eagerly agreed to attend their show at the Horseshoe in Toronto this past Monday thinking it would be worthwhile based on their recordings...
It turned out to be free, and well, it's really hard for me to say it was worth the zero dollars paid to get in.
How unfortunate.
I hate when that happens.
Especially when I've already given the impression that I'm into something before I realize I hate it.
And I did. I hated it. A lot.
From the over-polished+cliche+painfully rehearsed pop rock stage moves to the crappy+boring+blasé Simple Plan wannabe sound this band was just one huge disappointment after another as they played through Vera City.
It was just not at all what I expected when I first heard them.
I really think that this is one band that is much better when you're not forced to watch them live.
The only saving grace was the resemblance between the bassist and Barry Badrinath (aka Jay Chandrasekhar). Except even he managed to piss me off with his unnecessary 5th string on his bass that he could barely play, and his disgusting rocker stance when he wasn't even rocking out.
He didn't piss me off nearly as much as the singer though, who made me want to punch him in the face with every movement he made. Oi!
The only thing missing from the bands' image were those black fuzzy wristbands most bands love to sport to look more punk rock.

What pissed me off even more than band themselves were the huge double banners sitting on the stage (I'm sorry, I think you got the Horseshoe confused with Warped Tour somehow..) taking up room when the singer had to actually leave the stage to access the rest of his guitars... more than once!!! How stupid is that... I mean, COME ON!
The only thing about them that I ended up liking was the minor resemblance to October Fall, who I love. I think that's what made me think I would be into them to begin with... but there wasn't enough of a likeness to make me appreciate anything about this band's performance, whatsoever.

Please listen to their new album despite all the shit I just talked above, hey, maybe they'll be your new favourite band... (if you're into Simple Plan... sorry it kind of rhymed so I had to!)

I'm Sarah. Any press is good press, right? :S