Buddy Black at the Bovine

Holy surprise performance, Buddy Black-man!
Maybe I'm an idiot, or maybe it has something to do with the whole 'Reverend' word that shows up in Buddy Black's name here and there, orrr perhaps I'm just racist, but the image in my head of what the performance was going to look like on Friday night at the Bovine vs what it actually ended up being was COMPLETELY different.
Not only was he himself a lot younger and a lot thinner than I imagined, but his music was a lot more intense (and fitting for the Bovine) than I expected, despite hearing and loving his latest release that I actually reviewed a while ago...
DUH Sarah!
The full 3 piece pumping out my favourite kind of traveling punk rock music was slightly more rockabilly style than I remembered, but not your typical rockabilly that you probably imagine as I give it that label.
I guess I was surprised that it was as punk as it was, in looks and in sound when you're watching them live.
I was imagining one dude, slightly religious, and definitely not somebody who would fit in at the Bovine.
How embarrassing.
I am so glad I was able to set myself straight by seeing this performance, it was actually fucking amazing. Despite how awesome Buddy Black is recorded it's nothing compared to seeing them for realz. If you haven't experienced it yet you must.

I also need to shout out to whatever band played right before them, they did a couple amazing covers including "True Believer" and I belieeeeeeve it was a Reel Big Fish cover??? Or maybe I was wasted and it wasn't.... uhhh but it was good!


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