Punk + Parts & Labour = It Just Doesn't Get Better Than This!

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I love Toronto right now.
I love the fact that I can go to a basement punk show mere minutes from my house and see some of the cities most exciting punk bands (on a regular basis) in addition to wicked out of town bands who rarely give Toronto the time of day.

I was originally really upset over missing Pouzza Fest this past weekend but last night at P&L made up for it almost completely -- aside from bringing Banner Pilot across the border -- by hosting an intimate show featuring superpunkband Dear Landlord along with their tour buds, Maladroit. Both were fresh off Pouzza but didn't lack any energy or excitement considering their busy schedule as of late.

Local Toronto acts The New Enemy, !Attention! *excuse my shudder as I type the !'s* and Spitfist opened for these legendary punk acts and hand-in-hand helped build one of the greatest nights of my life... or at least this year so far... in punksville, P&L.

First of all I love Spitfist every time I see them and was so happy to walk in late without missing their entire set. I've gotten to the point where I can sing along to almost every word, yet still want to hear more. They rock tits. Their tits rock. Whatever.

!Attention! who I normally don't care as much were up next, and this time there was one song that actually made me happy... I unfortunately don't have any idea what it was called though :( but at least it made their performance memorable for me for once, despite seeing them almost every show recently (out of all the punk bands in Toronto it's hard to understand why they're getting all the gigs... no offence. VARIETY people, VARIETY!)

The New Enemy were a breath of fresh air in P&L when they hit the stage next. I love these guys and it feels like forever since I've seen them, and damn how I missed their rockin' Kid Dynamite style sound. Please play more.

Maladroit I was not as familiar with pre-show, but when they started playing they became an instant favourite and it felt like I had been listening to them for years. Perhaps it was the resemblance to Teenage Bottlerocket who I actually have been listening to for years... a resemblance that was very much welcomed. They put on a great great performance, and sounded even greater doing it. Mmm! Now I want to see TBR though. D'oh!

Dear Landlord.
Dream. Come. True.
I. Love. Them.
Oh. My. God.
It's hard to explain how fucking amazing it was to watch them so close with out using pauses and expression after expression of love.
Seriously, I know I say this about a lot of bands but you really have to just go fucking see them yourself to even understand what it's like to witness such a magnificent band.
It just so happens they are playing a FREE FUCKING SHOW tonight at The Bovine in Toronto, so you have another chance...

Don't. Miss. It.


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