The Closest MusicSheBlogged Will Ever Come To Church!

I received a review request from a band who, within the first line of the email, fully acknowledged that their music probably wasn't what I normally would listen to, and they were right. I almost decided to pass up this review because of the whole NXNE craziness that is this week but the concept of the album intrigued me enough to want to put something down on paper (and by paper I mean on my computer screen).
The band is called The Clauberg Opera and this is their second full length album called Church. Can you imagine why it wouldn't be up my alley normally? Hehe.
What's actually really neat about it is the fact that (to paraphrase what they wrote in their email to me..)
parts of the album were recorded in several different churches found in the North Yorkshire countryside, giving the record some awesome acoustics, and in turn has created a unique 'church' feel.
The album also includes unique sounds created by Throbbing Gristle's GRISTLEISM machine (TG are a major influence).
(Again, just to be clear that part above was taken right out of the email they sent me, don't credit me for those words!)
They describe themselves as chill out, ambient, soulful, gospel, electronica.
As un-churchy and non-religious as I am I actually find gospel music quite inspiring and beautiful. And the mix that they created using all the above genres is not something that I have ever really heard before. It's gorgeous, thoroughly epic and although sometimes too ambient/chilled out for my attention span to agree with there are some songs which remind me of the out-there-ness of bands like Mars Volta (crazy comparison, I know) which I think it's absolutely awesome.

I highly recommend checking them out.

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