The Davey Parker Radio Sound AKA The DPRS

Whoa now Nelly!
Apparently I am out of the Parkdale loop when it comes to Toronto bands because I just found out about The Davey Parker Radio Sound (The dprs) recently.
They have a new album titled In a Land of Wolves and Thieves and BY GOLLY IT'S GOOD.
It's like this devil-pleasing, cowboy hat wearing, psych(both 'edelic' and 'otic') badassbass'y rock n roll. MmmMMMmMMm!
How have I never had the pleasure of seeing them play here in Tarana!?
Where have I been?
What am I missing...
Judging by the awesomeness that is their album I'm missing a helluva lot.
They are playing NXNE Friday June 17th at The Hideout so I'm going, and I suggest you go too.
But listen to them first (and find more event details) HERE.

Dear dprs... my boner solutes you. It's currently standing at attention out of reshpekt for your delicious album.

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