The Ear Bone's Connected to the... Brain Bone!

I can’t tell you how flattered I was when I received an email from Emanuel and the Fear themselves (or at least from their email account!) asking for their new EP to be reviewed by yours truly.
I found out about these guys a year+ ago and was absolutely infatuated for a while. They’re this layered pop band from Brooklyn who use practically an entire orchestra as part of their delightfully eclectic chamber rock sound.
It is easily the coooooolest music that I have heard since I discovered them.
This new EP is no different.
Intense build ups, theatrical vocals resembling Conor Oberst, strings galore, and beats to win over even the most cynical fans of rock n roll.
Now excuse me while I go relieve my ear boners with a few more listens HERE on their facebook page.

(Photo credit: thanks chris for drawing an ear. haha)
For fans of good music of any style. It’s just damn fucking good. Goddammit.

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