NXNE: Friday

Friday Friday, got to get down on Friday... blah blah blah blah weekend weekend weekend weekend fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun... Friday Friday I went to the Horseshoe on Friday.
The line up was, like, crazy good - that is after the first band. The Darlings kicked it off, and okay yeah I was drunk and didn't see their full set or whatever but what I did see didn't blow me away.. it was kind of boring to be honest.
But that's okay, because Black Lungs were next and they made up for it in rocking-my-face-off like they did the first time I saw them. Holy cow, man. They played fast and hard, just like how you perverts masturbated in your parents shower a few minutes ago, and I blew my load all over the person standing in front of me when they (ahem, we) finished.
Okay, now here's the thing... I started to have a serious drunk on right about the time C'mon hit the stage next. My notes say 'amazon', and since I highly doubt it was some kind of reminder to go search Amazon.com for their album I'm going to go ahead and assume it's supposed to be 'amazing', which yes, they were. When Shane interviewed Ian Blurton for me not long ago we asked what he was most known for, and he said C'mon. And he's done a hell of a lot of really wicked shit, band-wise and producer-wise. The reason for that lies not in their recordings, but in their live show. Rightfully so.
Now, I missed seeing OFF! the other night at Y&D Squrrr so that I could experience them for the first time here at the Horseshoe, and fuck, guaranteed that was the best decision I made all week. They (the singer at least) were surprisingly older and - more 'partied out' some might say - than I expected, but that didn't reflect on their performance in the slightest, unless you can attribute the fact that there was WAY too much talking to the age... maybe you can? Seriously though, short sets guys, less talk more rock!
(can't believe I just said that.)
The Pack A.D. were the last band I saw that night unfortunately because being blind blows and my contact fell out BAH (as if that happens in real life) meaning I missed Deerhoof's surprise performance, which I'm told was super fucked up but good. I'm not sad on The Pack A.D. being the last though, anything to have that performance stand out the most even in a mind as drunk as my own. It was all sorts of groovy, and I kind of got lost in it and the guitarist who I developed a mini crush on. SHMOOKIN! Anyway, thank you contact for not falling out any sooner at least, posi posi.
Friday Friday...

I didn't take pictures of this show, go suck an egg if you currr.

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