NXNE: Saturday

And by that I mean A Wilhelm Scream night at the Opera House. My favourite live band to see ever even though I've only seen them once before.
But first I had to sit through two kind of typical, normal, whatever performances. The first was Sharks, who literally all I have to say about is 'Meh'. The second was Mockingbird Wish Me Luck who I hear about all the fucking time but had yet to see, and all I could think while I was watching them was who are all these dimwits talking this band up so much. Like, really, Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I couldn't care less for them.
Okay, so maybe the anticipation of AWS was really getting to me, but who can blame me? Seriously? Can ANYBODY blame me?
Second time seeing them and I still stand by the fact that they are THE best band ever to see live. I love their energy, their happy faces, their audience interaction, their ripping guitars and their bang on everything, and the fact that they rock the F out, and they love each other, they have fun together, they have fun on stage, they KILL EVERY SONG.
Face.... OFF.

I have my music on shuffle and "The Rip" by AWS just came on as I write this... spooooooky... yet awesome.
Now you're probably going to gasp at this but I didn't stick around for Hot Water Music.
I know I know, but there was another show happening downtown, a very different show than this, that I had planned on.
And actually, to be honest as much as I like the band they were never an epic part of my high school dayz, so I made the choice to leave. I did just see Chuck Ragan a few nights earlier, so don't hate me. I bet it was wicked.

We left to catch a man by the name of Chad VanGaalen who is much much softer/slower than the previous bands, but quite talented nonetheless.
It was at The Great Hall, which is apparently the headquarters for slutty hipsters, and a band who I previously believed I liked called Braids were still on when we got there. Uhhhhhhh first of all it felt like somebody on stage should have been holding up Simba in front of all us wild animals. Second, the singer made the most annoying sound that dug into my brain and squeezed it way too tight, and even worse the bass was slow and reeeeallllly repetitive n boring. LAME!
I was hoping Chad would pick us up out of this dirt level performance just like AWS had done earlier but, to my dismay I hated his performance just as much if not more.
Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the hipsters, maybe it was his band or maybe it was his guitar with no head that he had no idea how to tune.
Actually it was probably all of that.
The small talk sucked, and I ended up puking a couple times in my mouth during his set, and quite possibly BECAUSE of it. It was a chore to pay attention, and when I was forced to by his band strumming out "You Really Got Me" I wish I hadn't because it just made me extremely pissed off when it turned out they weren't just strumming it, he had actually WRITTEN IT into a song of his own.
It was terrible.
Officially the WORST song I heard throughout NXNE. Lucky for him I'm not doing an award system this year through my reviews.
Just terrible.

Kind of wish I stuck around for HWM after all....

I didn't take pictures for this show, once again, if you care you can go soak your head.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.