NXNE: Sunday

The last day of NXNE came far too fast, but thanks to The Mark Inside it went out with a bang.
I missed Pharcyde in Y&D Square earlier in the evening because I just couldn't muster up the energy to deal with that crazy crowd. BUT, I did get off my lazy ass to go to Sneaky Dee's for 11 and caught a band I saw once upon a time long ago and never forgotten.
Despite the unfortunate lame Sunday crowd The Mark Inside brought it like it was Massey Hall. They deserve to be rocking sold out shows at Massey Hall. I really think these guys are one of Toronto's most overlooked, under-appreciated rock bands.
Each member has their own way of getting into it, and boy do they all get innnnntoooooo iiiitttttt. The singer in particular looks as if he's possessed by the spirit of psychedelic'y but 90s'y rock and roll, or like the Spirit of Jazz from the Mighty Boosh...

The spirit of whatever rock N roll him all the way into the audience on more than a few occasions, and he'd stand there for minutes just playing right in the middle of the floor, surrounded by excited fans.
And for the intro to "Lime Green Monkeys" he used a 50 (beer) to play his guitar... was this his move the last time I saw them at Sneaks like 4 years ago?
Labatt 50, not just a cheap beer.
It was tiiight.
Everybody was.
Not to single out the singer, because the rest of them were just as entertaining to watch. The other guitarist and the bassist were grooving the shit off of the stage, and the drummer was apparently as good sitting down as he was standing up and wailing away.
It really was the perfect set to bring NXNE to a close.
And well worth getting off my butt on a Sunday night to see.


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