NXNE: Thursday Night

I never thought I would see Fucked Up perform during the daytime hours at Yonge & Dundas Square... but NXNE put together some wack shit and that's exactly what I did see on Thursday.
It was FUCKED UP. hehehehehehehe wow I'm so (not) clever.
It was actually pretty decent, aside from not being able to see anything but the screens and not even spotting the singer until about halfway through when I realized he was deep in the crowd, well off the stage. Which kind of sucked because he is hands down the best part of the band when they're live, the rest of the schmucks on stage don't do much whatsoever and look so fucking bored and sans emotions. But even still, they put on one helluva PG show, and were way more polite than I've ever seen them.
The crowd was huge, and it was too much of a hassle to push my way through it for The Descendents (I skipped OFF! because I was seeing them the next night at a real show and didn't want to bother with the Y&D craziness, so I went to a bar instead) but even from far at the back it was the show of a lifetime. I REALLY wish it wasn't in Y&D Square but I'll take what I can get. This was another life altering moment of NXNE, seeing this band who I had grown up on basically, and probably will never get a chance to see again. Age was extremely apparently only by looking at them, especially in the case of the drummer who was fucking insane -- SO GOOOOOD -- and super happy the whole time. Unfortunately the crowd was packed full of dickwads, at least around where we were standing, and they started SKANKING (huh? since when are The Descendents a ska band? You can't spell skank without the ska dummy's) and I guess up near the front as well because about halfway through some cuntscab whipped a bottle at the stage, hitting Milo Aukerman in the head. He was a fucking superstar about it, not even acknowledging getting smoked at all and continuing to play. I would have stormed off stage while flipping the bird to everybody. They played a song live that day they've never played live before (can't figure out what it was, sorry) and even had 2 cute little boys (his kids?) come up on stage and read off their All-O-Gistic commandments. It was great! I know I say this too much but it was also EPIC. Whatevs.

I ended up at the El Mocambo (upstairs) after all this hubbub and stumbled upon one crazy/cool, theatrical, mind blowing performance by the band Tomboyfriend. They had bizarre outfits on and the singer had this sad clown lipstick etc painted on his face that fit his voice SO WELL that I wanted to cry. In a good way. Hands down this was the best discovery of NXNE for me, so check them out, mang.


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